Bolide vs. Trim

  1. I'm 5'8" and I prefer bags that are proportionate to me, which means I don't like big bags. 35cm is big for me, so is 32cm HAC. I prefer things that are 32cm (souple) or less than or almost equal to 30cm (if rigide). That said, do you think a fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm is better for work or will a fuchsia ostrich Trim 29 (or is it 27 or 28?) be better? Which one is more casual?
  2. Well.....I'm 5'3" and I like smaller bags on my frame. I'm also a big fan of the Bolide having the 31cm in Black Box myself and if I had the choice I'd go with the Fuschia Ostrich Bolide over the Trim. Here's why. I can pack a WHOLE LOT into that Bolide (and I do!) and take that baby to work with me almost daily. The other bag I can pack tons of stuff into is my 32cm Chocolate Togo Sellier Kelly.

    I wouldn't try to stash a laptop and you can't really put manila files into the 31cm Bolide but for everything else, you can't go wrong. You also get the option of the shoulder strap.....
  3. Would you say that the Bolide is more casual than the Trim or more formal? I tend to like dressier and more formal bags.:yes:
  4. My Bolide in the black Box is more formal than the Trim for sure. In the Ostrich it'll be simply gorgeous, Kou. I can't remember...what other H bags do you have?
  5. I think it depends on the leather. My royal blue ostrich Bolide also looks dressier than a normal Bolide.

    I prefer handheld bags, messenger bags or bags with optional shoulder straps so I'm not a big fan of the Trim.
  6. Then you would prefer the Bolide. A Trim is def. the more casual look because of the shape and shoulder strap.
  7. Yehhhhhh,kou! Oh my God, I LOVE LOVE bolid. You should also join 'bolide club' (which la van made me to join:graucho: :lol: ) I saw fushia ostrich bolide in real life when I bought my bolide, it was beyond gorgeous. It was SOOOOO beautiful. But I have fushia ostrich Birkin, so I passed it. But believe me, it was very hard to pass it even though I had the same skin in the same color Birkin.

    kou-Go for fushia ostrich Bolide!!!:yes: Bolide can be both casual and dessy... however you want. I wear bolide with jeans, shorts and work out cloths. It looks fine. And I wear it with skirt and dress, too. You can't go wrong with bolide, kou

    Bolide also comes with shoulder strap.
  8. But didn't you say you have cyclamen bolide already? (I think I read it from your 'first hermes bag' posting. My memory might be wrong...)
  9. she sold it, aspen. your memory isn't wrong. the bolide is dressier, kou. for size, just visit the boutiques & keep a lookout for trims. they're quite common - not as much as the garden parties but my local boutique always seems to have a couple in stock.
  10. I love the Bolide, but I also like the Trim. I think I like them equally even though I've only had experience with Bolides. I am looking for the Bolide and Trim in exotics. Actually, I'm looking to get all my bags in either exotics or vibrato and I have no idea whether an exotic Trim is dressier or if an exotic Bolide is dressier.

    At some point I'm going to get both the Trim and Bolide in exotics (both in fuchsia, and an additional Trim in cobalt blue ostrich), but I think I want to get the dressier one of the two first, hence not sure whether I want to go with Trim or Bolide. All I know both will be ostrich, not croc. I prefer croc in Birkins and Kellys.:amuse:

    Another thing is I was told by my SA that shoulder bags are more formal than handheld bags, so that confused me too. Oh and I do wish they make Bolide in 29cm, it'd be a perfect size for me.
  11. My response doesn't have to do with size, I just vote for the Bolide over the trim. I think the Bolide is dressier and looks more like an Hermes bag (no rock throwing please, :angel: , there are just so many non-Hermes "Trims" out there right now...Coach and others have very close versions). I like the Trim very much for a casual bag (love it in toile), but for exotic skins...go Bolide!!!! (JMHO)
  12. Okay, Bolide first then!!:yes: After that, an exotic Trim!:yes:

    Uhm ... would you ladies kindly keep an eye out for fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm (or fuchsia ostrich Bolide 1923) for me? the only time I see fuchsia ostrich Bolide is in 27cm. TIA:flowers:
  13. Kou, your SA said that shoulder bags are more formal than handheld? :huh: :huh: I don't agree at all. What is more formal than a black Kelly or even a Paris Bombay? I have a Trim and it's my most casual bag (next to LV Speedy.)
    Bolide is much more formal but can also be worn with jeans. I'll caution you against the Trim 29 if it's a flat Trim (which it will probably be.) It will hold nothing of substance. Anything in the bag will bulge out. This is not a formal look at all and for the money exotics cost, you want them to be useful, too.
  14. You're right, Kelly and PB are definitely formal and dressy. I do love the dome shape of the Bolide, so feminine!:love:

    Do they make Trim 29 with gusset? I've seen Trim II in 31 and bigger sizes, but never seen it in other sizes. You're right, when it comes time for me to get an exotic Trim, I have to make sure it can actually hold things.
  15. Kou, I'm going to venture a guess and say no. :sad: You can ask but I doubt it - if so, all the better. I've never even seen any Trim between a 27 and 31cm. Maybe Gigi or someone with a Perfect Book can look it up. I'd only get a flat Trim if it was a size 35cm - big slouchy hobo. :smile: