Bolide vs. Bolide 1923

  1. Can I get some information rolling here?

    Can someone tell me what the differences are between the two (if any) besides the obvious external look? What types of compartments, if any, inside?

    What are the updated prices now?

    Can you share the sizes? (I know they are in our subforum, but thought it would be nice to stick them in here)

    Do you own either? Do you recommend either?
  2. I know the Bolide 1923 is 30 cm and is about $4,800.
  3. in my pictures of the toronto store windows there is one of each (can't tell much from the pic though, sorry). the 1923 has shorter handles then the regular bolide.
    kellybag, are you hoping to find an alternative to the kelly (less $$)? i tied on a 31 bolide and it was so so beautiful.
  4. All the Bolides I've seen lately have been 31cm Clemence for $5,000. I loved it in Rouge H. :flowers:
  5. orchids, thank you so much for digging up the older threads :flowers: I missed reading them :smile:
  6. I know Shoes owns the 1923- anyone else? For me the outside pocket is the clincher because I travel fairly often, and I hate having to open my purse to retrieve tickets. I also like to stick a $10 in an outside pocket to pay for lunch while at work (I don't like digging in my wallet when I'm generally in a hurry) or for a magazine at the airport, etc. etc.
  7. I've been revisiting the old threads because I am considering a Bolide and am waiting to try some on for size when I hit the store in a few weeks. The 1923's outside pockets are great, but if I were to get a Bolide the shoulder strap option is the biggest selling point for me. It's too bad the 1923 doesn't have the strap...I really do love its look, the external pocket and the double zippers.
  8. I agree orchids- the absence of a shoulder strap option is a negative. I wonder why they did this (or, more correctly, didn't do this).
  9. I have a 1923 in vermillion swift -- I love the outside pocket, but I agree with the other posts w/r/t the shoulder strap. Because there are so few H shoulder bags that I can wear (the JPG is just too darn big for me), I wish that I had gotten the regular Bolide.

    Oh, well. I'll just have to get one! :yahoo:
  10. I really love the more rigid shape of the Bolide 1923, and especially because the handles are shorter and more proportional to my size. However, I agree with everyone here that I would prefer to have the shoulder strap option like the normal Bolide. The straps do come in handy and that's what I love about the Kelly!
  11. For those that this a fairly roomy bag? How does it compare to the 30cm birkin?
  12. I am so glad I started this thread because we discuss so much about Birkins and Kellys that we sometimes don't talk enough about other lovely bags.

    Hiheels: I am looking for other ideas to purchase from Hermes. I am thinking a Kelly right now, but the Bolide crossed my mind. It is less expensive, but I want to makes sure it is perfect for me first. I love how you all critique things and it gets me to thinking more. Plus, you always learn from people who already own the bag.

    Crochetbella: Thank you for the latest price update

    Orchids: A big thank you for all the digging you did to bring up all the older threads. I will take time to reread all of them tonight. If I have any questions I will post them. I really appreciate that!

    I do love the look of the 1923, the double zippers, the rigidity etc. I have to think about that shoulder strap now???

    Once I decide I may need all of you to vote for me.

    Keep any info. coming and all opinions
  13. funnyredhed- Can you tell me the price for the 1923 in vermillion swift?
    Does it have one or two outside pockets and what is your hardware color? I don't understand where the cadenas goes on the bag unlike the regular Bolide.
  14. Hmm....I'm very bad at remembering prices. I'll have to check on it tonight when I get home. It has a single outside pocket that runs the length of the bag. It also has one inside pocket. I have a shooting star cadena that I put on the zipper. It has the double zipper, and each zipper has the little hole in it to lock both zippers together when the bag is closed. It's a lovely bag - and I like the pocket. I just wish that it had a shoulder strap like the Bolide.