Bolide vs Bolide 1923 (WEB II)

  1. Can someone post a picture of the WEB II??? I have been trying to find visual material myself, but unsuccessfully. I would like to know what the differences are. Thank you! :flowers:
  2. voila
  3. The biggest differences are the double zippered top and the external side pockets. You can open the bag from the center by zipping down each side - and I really like this feature.

    The external pockets aren't obvious, that is they're not sewn on, rather they're part of the whole design. You can easily slip a couple of papers or an airline ticket in the side pocket, and perhaps even a narrow cellphone without making an obvious bulge.
  4. Thanks lilach!!! So the difference is that there can be no strap attached? Or is the strap attached to the sides where the zipper begins/ends? I have seen Bolides where the zipper can be attached near the handles.
  5. Aha! Thank you Coco-nut!
  6. No strap, and also no oval patch on the front as a regular bolide! The handles are slightly shorter I believe as well. There is another thread on the comparison I think if you do a search --
  7. Got it! Thank you all!
  8. I like Web II, but I think I still like the Bolide more.
  9. me too!:yes: