Bolide Relax: Black or Ebene

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  1. I'm a hunt for a bolide relax. I never liked regular bolides for some reasons but I really want a bolide relax. Which color would you recommend: Black or Ebene?

    Almost all of my wardrobes is black, white, gray, beige, you know, those basic colors and I rarely wear colorful colors.
  2. My vote goes for black!
  3. I will go for black compare to ebene
  4. black or ebene is fine for a large bolide relax.

    i love the bolide in any shape, size or form. for me i'd love the biggest size in black/ebene for travel.
  5. black. never was a fan of brown. i even find brown is harder to match than black.
  6. Black - I believe Bolide relax is in sikkim leather? Brown will show scratches more easily than black.
  7. Does Relax = slouch ??
  8. Do you have any other black bags? If you do, you should consider Ebene to mix it up. I think Bolide looks better in colours other than black. But of course, that is only my opinion. HTH!

  9. Yes. Leather is very soft, so not that structured.
  10. There are different Bolide "versions". Relax is one of the versions. They're frequently posted to US in sikkim leather, under travel bags. (i.e. this Bolide Relax 45 for $7,000:

    OP: my vote, like many others, is black, for the same reasons mentioned by others. On the other hand... another neutral might be just as nice, i.e. a true chocolate brown, a dark olive grey, etc.
  11. I think black is easier to match than ebene but with your wardrobe, I would actually go for a red. Red Bolides are beautiful!
  12. Black.
  13. Black!
  14. I voted black but Ann's has an ebene bolide in relax - it's the larger sized one in case you are interested.
  15. #15 Mar 10, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
    It's lovely... and it's a 35 (which, if I'm not mistaken, is the smallest size of the Bolide Relax):

    (More about sikkim leather & Bolide Relax sizes, here: SIKKIM anyone?)