Bolide Prices (not ostrich)

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  1. Hey ladies, I'm wondering what the starting price and size is for a togo Bolide; i didn't find much information after doing searches on the PF. Naturally there's more info on the Birkin and Kelly.

    I'm looking for something for everyday, depending on the price. Either just for essentials or for work. My bags don't get thrown around, but I do have toddlers, so there's always a chance. So definitely no ostrich leather, which is out of my price range anyhow.

    I like the look of the bag and that it's zippered and seems so soft.
    When I first saw a few at my closest Hermes, i really thought that Hermes copied LV. I'm pleasantly surprised that it's the other way around! I hate the LV Alma b/c i find it too stiff and bulky. So I'm looking at the Bolide b/c it looks more feminine, has a softer silhouette & streamlined.
  2. I looked at a 31cm Togo Bolide earlier this year (April) and it was $5,000.00.
  3. 31cm Bolide last weekend in SF...Potiron Togo was $5,000 and Ebene (I think it was Clemence?) was $5,050.
  4. 31 cm Bolide in chevre...$5500
  5. There are several size of the Bolide with 27 and 31 being the most popular. Look in the members items thread there are several photographs in there. It is a lovely bag.
  6. Looks like the Bolide prices are much more consistent between the different leathers and stores! Is it me or does it seem like the Kelly pricing is all over the place?? :shrugs:
  7. Bolide is a beautiful bag and would be a wonderful choice for your lifestyle, IMO. Pricing is pretty stable at around $5K depending on leather and size.

    I have one in 31cm Black Chamonix w/gold hw and I lOVE it!!!!
  8. it seems that the blue is the most common color for the bolide, after looking at the items reference thread.

    is it easy to find other colors, like black or tan. also what is potiron? you can tell i'm a newbie. trust me, i read the knowledge thread, it's just overwhelming so that's why i'm asking for quick answer.
  9. That's so true! it's hard trying to pin down Kelly prices because I always hear different info! :yes:
  10. Potiron :love: is a really beautiful orange...not bright orange but a more brown based orange. The ebene that I mentioned is a dark brown. I've also seen them in black and red at the SF store. :flowers:
  11. they come in an whole array of colours but as always black tan and blue jean beeing the most popular ones. and potiron is a shade of orange with a lot of brown in it and it is surprisingly neutral. look at greenteas avatar her gorgeous birkin is potiron colour :flowers:
  12. Thank you, lilach!
    Potiron is GORgeous! beautiful in a bolide, too!
  13. my pleasure i looove your little blushing beauty :yes:
  14. ohhhh! you are right, LILACH the potiron is beautiful. lucky lady GREENTEAS!

    SOOOO, is the bolide as soft as it looks?
  15. I call it my little pumpkin. :smile: