bolide preference

  1. For all of you bolide lovers, do you prefer the rigid leather or a soft leather?

    for quick reference, if you could please tell me which leather your bolide is in and if it is soft or stiff.

    I think the softer leather seems like it would be more comfortable to get in and out of, but the stiff leather would keep the shape of the bag better. Which do you have, use, like? and why?

    I love the bolide and plan on getting one over the next year or so but want to think about it to death first. tia.
  2. Mine is Chevre so it's a bit on the stiff side. I love it because it's so easy to get in and out of.....I could EASILY see myself with a Web II though for my next Bolide in a soft leather. I enjoy having the variety!
  3. favorhermes, while I don't own a H bag yet, but my dream Bolide is of the rigide variety. :smile: I love the structured bottom. Although, mou is fab too. It depends on your personal prefs. :smile: Good luck on your quest. :smile: We need more Bolide reveals on this forum. ;)
  4. For day to day it is slouchy for evening it would be rigid.
  5. H & H I just LOVE yours. Black Chamonix is SUCH a classic!!!!
  6. I love the slouch .......

  7. Slouchy girl my mou! My black clemence bolide is a great everyday bag:heart:plenty of room yet not too big and very easy to get in and out of...
  8. PGN, my bolide is the mou styling in clemence like yours in the 31cm.. I've had it almost 5 years. About 3 years ago, I tried a rigid construction in chevre but, returned it, discovering that I prefered the softer mou.

    Now, some years later, I feel I would like to try a rigid style again, but in softer leather than the chevre I tried. Perhaps a rigid bolide in clemence this time.
  9. I like the rigide. Its up to you...what would look good with your outfits?
  10. Does mou mean slouchy? Is that an official H term?
  11. ^^^ Yes, it is the term used for the softer, slouchy bolides
  12. So far I have 3 Bolides and they are all rigide. Two chevere and one chamonix. I keep saying I'm going to do a mou next time...

  13. I love how tastes/likes can evolve over time with hermes! I have my first box item on it's way to me. I never thought I would venture into the land of box leather but now I obsess over it!
  14. I like the slouchy because it's a nice contrast against the clean lines of the bag.
  15. one of my dream bags is a gold mou clemence bolide. omg it looks so amazing with slouch imo!