bolide or trim --opinion please


Sep 1, 2006
Hello, umamanikam, I found two pics that might help you see the style/shape of the Bolide and the Trim. The first is if a Blue Jean Clemence leather Bolide 31cm....and the second is of a Barenia Trim.

The Bolide is selling for approx $5000+ depending on leather and the Trim...I'm not sure....maybe someone else can say for sure....I'm guessing $3000+... depending on leathers......

Both are classic styles, the Bolide style being around since 1923. The trim was modeled after a horse feed bag, so it's been around too and was most famously associated with Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960's-70's, along with another Hermes style, the Constance.

Hope this gives you some idea of prices and bag shapes. Both are fabulous styles and are greatly admired.


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Feb 28, 2006
Both are classics and two of my favorite H bags ever! I have the Trim and it's one of my most practical and comfy bags to carry. I'm dying for a Bolide, too, because you can use it hand-held or with the strap for convenience (dressier than the Trim) and it has such easy access.


Dec 13, 2005
I love the Bolide. It is a very easy bag to get in and out of and with the addition of the strap it really is a great bag! Here's a pic of mine. The leather is togo. The color is potiron. This bag was around $5,100 or $5,200 if I remember correctly.

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Aug 7, 2006
Thanks for posting the pictures, Susi! While I adore the Bolide (classic shape, easy to get into and out of) I found that the Trim was just not me. I don't really care for shoulder bags and didn't like the closure. But, of course, it really is a matter of personal taste.


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Sep 29, 2006
They're both very classic and it's really a matter of personal taste and practicality. I prefer the trim, but since I will hopefully (knock on wood) have a little one to run after soon a shoulder bag will be more my next purchase is going to be the trim (I'm not a huge fan of the shoulder strap on the bolide for every day)


May 30, 2006
I think it's a matter of personal preference and taste as well; the leather you choose will also make a difference in each bag's appearance. In general, a Bolide looks a bit more lady-like and formal to me. I went in looking for a Bolide but came out with a Trim.

I chose a 35 cm Trim II in Clemence which has the interior pockets~$3,500 or so, which was significantly less than the 37cm Bolide I tried on in Clemence--~$5,400. I think the Trim molds really well to the body in a softer leather like Barenia or Clemence. I tried on an Epsom one and it was quite stiff; perhaps it would have softened up later, but it looked a bit odd.

Here's a pic of my Trim:

It's super convenient having the Trim II as my shoulder bag when I need to have my hands free and it's a bit more casual-looking than the Bolide. I do love the Bolide and while I think the shape looks excellent in the stiffer leathers like Chamonix and Box, I'd probably choose one in Togo or Clemence to suit my more casual lifestyle somewhere down the road.

Both are classics so you can't go wrong!


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Apr 8, 2006
I adore both bags for different reasons. When I need a true shoulder bag (and by this I mean one that hugs the body and fits nicely under the arm) I use my Trim. When I could use both a shoulder AND arm bag I'll use the also holds more.

I have both the Trim I and Trim II . My Trim I is a Barenia/Toile combo and does NOT have the zipper closure or the gusset. I bought this bag earlier this year from the store. My Trim II is Barenia and has both zip closure and the gusset. The Trim II holds more than the Trim I.


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Nov 20, 2006
Both bolides and trims are practical bags. Just depend on how you would use it. They're great esp when you need both your hands.

I typically use the larger bolides when traveling. The zipper on the bolide is practical for getting things in and out of the bag vs. a kelly (takes time to work with the clasp) or a birkin (too open). The bolides generally run from $4200 for the minis to about $5500 for leather.

The trims are about $3200 without tax. They are easy to use and tend to be lighter as there is less room to put too many things in. They are also easy to pack into luggage when travelng.

I had a vintage trim in box (rouge vif) that I had Claude put in a zipper. Cost about $250. I spoke to him about putting in an interior pocket too (just like the new version) but he dissuaded me from doing it.

I tried on the trim II (without gusset) when it first came out and find that I like the trim I better. I love both bolides and trims and do have them in bright colors! In fact, I sold the vintage rouge vif box trim to buy a modern version of the rouge vif trim in togo.


Mar 14, 2006
I do not have a trim as I do not care for shoulder bags any longer....I love, love the bolide however! I do not keep the strap attached though...I love the shape/size (31)...and the zip capability; I love everything about it - especially because it is so unknown to others - sometimes with a kelly or birkin I do worry that someone will know how expensive of a bag it is...not so with the bolide! I do have a rigid one (vache liegee) which is nice, but can see getting a souple one down the it!

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May 29, 2006
I love both. Here is a pic of my Barenia Trim II and my 31 Bolide in vert anis chevre mysore. They are two completely different bags, I couldn't actually compare the two against each other........but if you feel a shoulder bag would be easier, go for a Trim, I reckon.:yes:


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