Bolide or Plume?

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  1. I am torn between the two. I need your help. Do you like Bolider or Plume? why? I didn't like Plume before, it gradually grews on me. I am thinking about size 32. Thanks a lot
  2. I really like the Bolide. I don't personally own one, but given the choice between the two I would select that one.
  3. The Bolide gives you the option to shoulder carry. It's similar to an LV Alma but with a shoulder strap.

    Plumes are elegant handheld bags.

    It all depends on your preferences.
  4. I love my Bolide and that i can use it hand held or with the shoulder strap when carrying things. It's not readily recognized either, except as a lovely handbag.
  5. I have two Bolides, one 31, one 37. They are both totally different. I like the option of a shoulder strap, although I rarely use mine. I adore my Alma (I purchased a shoulder strap for it.) I love the exquisite shape of the bag and the history, since I am such a sucker for a car story!!
  6. Bolide because of the spaciousness of the interior.
  7. Bolide. Because of the shoulder option & if in 37, the roomy interior & slouchy look. I tried one on and it looked surprisingly fab!

    I have a plume 28 BJ Epsom and don't use it much.
  8. No help here .. you need both .. very different aesthetic .. :P
    A 31, 37 bolide for the everyday things you want to lug around.
    The Plume elan for lighter day to evenings, leather will set the casualness or formalness of the look.
  9. :thinking:
    I do love them both - the handle on the plume is long enough to be carried on the shoulder. The bolide has the shoulder strap option. Both are spacious and lightweight. The plume is more difficult to get in and out of, whereas the bolide is easier to get things out. I love the little lock on the bolide too, but the simplicity of the plume is TDF! lol

    Oooo deeeaarrrr, I am of no help at all..........:P I LOVE them both!!!
  10. I have both and I love both. They are very different bags. I'm no help either.........
  11. I love them both, too. The Plume is what I call a "lady bag." Very elegant, hand-held and dressy. I can't see it used as a casual day-to-day bag.

    The Bolide can be either. In a 37 and in a slouchy, soft leather, she is super casual and great for everyday. In a 31, with a structured leather like Box, she becomes well...... a lady bag!

    It depends on what you want.
  12. Bolide always bolide !!!!!
  13. I have a 32 black box plume that I use as my "good" office bag and my under the radar Hermes bag when traveling - it nicely fits file folders, a sweater, a book, wallet, various other junk to the point of over stuffing it and you can still zip it up and it looks elegant and modern, so can go from work to dinner. If you leave it unzipped you can fit a standard size portfolio. It can also hold a bottle of wine.

    I'm 5'8" and average size and can fit the handles on my shoulder in a lightweight suit jacket or raincoat, so it can also function as a shoulder bag.

    That being said I have Bolide envy (and a squishy bright colored Bolide in clemence will likely be my next bag!)
  14. Bolide...I used my bolide for daily..
  15. I have neither (yet...) but I would vote for the Bolide. I love its shape and the potential squish-factor of a nice soft clemence leather. :smile: