Bolide or Paris-Bombay?

  1. I was just wondering if you had the choice, which bag would you purchase - Paris-Bombay or Bolide - and why?

    I'm an Hermes novice but I'm thinking that one of these bags should be mine and since I like both styles I thought I'd ask you guys what you think....I'm leaning a little toward te Paris-Bombay simply beause I like the shape.....I asked today at the Hermes store in San Francisco if they had any Paris-Bombay bags and they said they only got two in and they were already bought. It seems like you have to get on a list for one at least in San Francisco. The Bolide's seem to be easier to find.....
  2. My preference would be the Paris-Bombay. I love the shape and style of it all. I love the ease of the opening and how you can get into the bag for use.(after all, that is why we buy them, don't we? :smile: ) I just prefer the entire look overall when compared to the Bolide. I can honestly say, I never (fo me, that is) liked the style of the Bolide. I like how the Bombay says, "look at me". I do feel the bag makes a statement and it truly holds a great deal as well. So that is where my vote goes. Oh, I know it will be in style for years and years to come. Good luck! What color are you thinking about?
  3. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!

    Didn't you just buy all the Hermes little goodies and then say your first bag won't be until next Mothers's Day? Hee hee. Am I remembering correctly? WOW...have you changed it to this Mother's Day now? That but has gotten you quite fast!!!!

    I say nothing like planning now.
  4. I am not familiar with the Paris-Bombay and wish I could see a pic.
    I do have a black box 31cm Bolide with gold hardware which I used a lot for a few it's I also had a 37cm ebene clemence Bolide with gold hardware which I sold to my sister-in-law for a steal. The 37cm felt too slouchy for me (I'm 5'3") but was gorgeous!
    I guess I'm no help...let's see...the Bolide is great if you like a zipper because everything stays secure. I know there were several Bolides at Neiman Marcus here in Troy, Michigan when I last checked.
  5. Shopmom411 Do you have any photos??
  6. VERY VERY tough question!!! I love both. I recently bought a bolide bag, and love it so much. But I am also waiting for my SA to get Bombay bag (it is reserved for me). Your question is very hard. I know it is not a helpful answer, but 'GET BOTH!!!'.
  7. I don't have much of an opinion but if you're thinking of both bags, whichever comes your way first would be it!
  8. you darlings (& Vlad) are adorable! Believe me, I am a bit more...ummm.."mature" shall I say?
    Honey, which handbag makes you feel spectacular?
    If you can not decide, my dear, hold on...
    My first was a gold Kelly togo 30 cm. I usually carry her as my everyday bag, as everyday to me is a special occasion!!!
  9. The Bolide is a chameleon - can look very classic and formal when done in Box, Epson or Chevre rigide. When done in the Mou slouchy style in a bright Togo or Clemence, it's very fun and casual, but can also be dressed up for nice daywear. Also, what size? This really makes a difference in its look. 27cm or 31cm?

    The Paris-Bombay is a little more formal and dainty, especially in the PM and goes from day-into evening a little better than the Bolide 31. It's strictly a handbag, where the Bolide has a detachable strap.
    So, many options to consider!! Most of all is how you plan to use and carry this bag! What fun and both are amazing!!
  10. I agree with Greentea about the Bolide being very versatile: I had a rigid Bolide which I eventually sold, that looked pretty formal, whereas the one I have now is mou Clemence and it's much more casual...I think they are both very functional bags, having zippers and also are light weight...I think it's more a matter of what style you prefer because, as I said, they are both very practical bags...:biggrin:
  11. YES,'s me asking this question right on the heels of some yummy purchases yesterday at Hermes! I actually went in to not only buy a scarf but to check out both those bags for a future purchase...I've been bitten by the Hermes bug, that's for sure! LOL

    I'm leaning more toward Bolide now after reading all your posts because for one thing, I need a bag that's casual and I love slouchy leathers vs. rigid ones. The one they had at Hermes yesterday was a 31cm which looked just right proportionally (I'm 5'3") but it was rigid which I didn't care for. I need to bone up on my leathers and colors before I make any decision and hold out for the one I love.....

    Is there a web-site where I can see the different leathers and colors?

    Arcangel, WELCOME! You're comments are wonderful - I'm 48 and just now purchased my first Hermes items....I must have been living under a ROCK! I have a lot of lost time to make up for and need to win the lottery....:love:
  12. has a leather chart. Also ebay is a great place to look for pics. For a super-soft, slouchy Bolide, I recommend Clemence leather. For a color, how about Blue Jean with white stitching?!!
  13. It's a difficult question because I love both! I think I would choose the Paris-Bombay. Seeing La Van's pictures with the twilly on it, it is just so pretty!!!! Or I would get a Bolide in a fun color. :love:
  14. When I was in Hermès today, I saw two Clemence Bolides (both 37 which is my size) one was BJ with white stitching and the other Rouge Vif...both TDF!!:love: