Bolide or Kelly??

  1. hi! i've been offered a 31cm vache liegee gold bolide and a 35cm gold swift kelly and i have no idea what to choose! both will come directly from hermes so authenticity is not an issue! im torn between the 2 because i already have 2 kellys, a 32cm etoupe in togo and a 32cm fucshia chevre. i have never held a bolide before (there's no H store where i live) so i tried researching here. it looks good but a bit too similar to the tods bag? many people love the bolide but as many people love the kelly too! i'm so confused! any advice from people who own a bolide, own both, or anyone who want to pitch in will definitely help in my decision. if it helps, im asian, 5'5, 125 lbs and 29 yrs old. i have kids so i will really make use of the shoulder strap that comes with both bags. thanks for your help :smile:
  2. oh and another point: if you choose a bolide, will you choose rigide or mou? the rigid looks more formal but the bolide seems to fit that look better. the mou looks more casual..almost sloppy in a good way?
  3. Take the Bolide! You already have Kellys and the Bolide is such a stunning bag.
  4. Wow......this is such a personal choice, KWIM? I know what I'd do but I'm a die-hard Kelly girl although I DO have a gorgeous Bolide on the way. I think since Hermes has a nice exchange policy you could try the Bolide and return it if you don't like it. That's probably what I'd do.

    RE the Bolide being like the Tods.......the thing that will strike you right away about the Bolide is it's feminine silhouette and the incredible delicate handles. Much, much different than any other brands similar bags.
  5. ^^^ completely agree with SM....get the Bolide and wear it around the house....see if you love's a FABULOUS bag! And you don't have one yet.....if you dislike it, pen, trade it for the Kelly.

    The other cosideration is the leather. The vache liegee Bolide will be stiff with a slight texture and the swift Kelly will be softer profile and smooth texture. Do you have a preference? Do you mind if your Kelly has a softer profile? I have a vache liegee Birkin and love this leather - tactile, very sexy shine, feels great to touch. I have a swift Karo's a lovely leather, soft, slightly matte.

    I personally LOVE the stiffer Bolides. LOVE that tall slender triangular profile from the side, love how it juts out slightly at the bottom corners...ahhhhhh:heart:

    MaggieD has a BRILLIANT gold vache liegee 31 Bolide...let me find a pic....



    What a delightful dilemma!!! Let us know what you decide, OK?
    maggie's gold vl bolide.jpg
  6. The size difference between the two bags you are considering is substantial. If you are used to 32 cm Kellys , you may find the 31 cm Bolide too small.
  7. Pen, I'd choose the Bolide...Katel, MaggieD's pic is GORGEOUS!! :smile:
  8. The good point about a's easy to get into. I like to leave my bags you...or do you like to carry a bag closed?
  9. In this case...I would tend toward the Bolide...while I LOVE Kelly bags (as well as swift), I find the 35 cm Kelly in swift to be a bit pillow-esque...prefer swift in smaller bags...
  10. I'm a total bolide whore!! I love them - the ease of use - leaving open as mentioned, style, size (I feel it's very comparable to the 32 kelly which I also have) -- I just prefer bolide over kelly for getting in and out for some reason....I don't think you could go wrong!
  11. Bolide.
  12. I agree with the ladies that vote for bolide! I also have a 31 vache liagee Bolide which I love (and a 32 Kelly). (I am 5 feet, Asian, with a 5 year old, in late 30's). I think a Bolide would be a nice addition to your collection.

    Also agree that H has a generous return policy, except if you live in Japan which I assume is not the case you indicated that you don't live close to a H store. As you may know, there are about as many H boutiques than Starbucks in Japan (well, maybe Tokyo only?) :nuts:

    Good luck!
  13. I love Kelly but have given the Bolide a try lately. It is a 37cm mou and I love it too. Have been using it for 2 weeks non stop and I find it very easier to get things in and out.

    Since you've got 2 kellys, I vote for the Bolide.
  14. thank you guys, for your invaluable help! its funny because it was maggied's gorgeous bolide picture that made me initially decide on the bolide. i found it so beautiful, almost poetic in its graceful profile that i couldn't resist. katel, i personally like kelly's rigid or selier. i love its timeless silhouette and i'm not picky with its rigidity. one concern i had though, is the swift leather. i know that gold in swift makes the color very rich and i love how it looks but having a lot of kids around swift leather makes me nervous. i'm not anal about my bags looking as nice as it did when i first buy them it but i know il feel bad if my kelly looks worn after only a few months. swift is less forgiving to rain, scratches and stains isnt it?

    the bolide is very convenient in a sense that i can carry it with the bag open, a feature that the kelly sorely lacks. but my main concern with the bolide is that it might look too mommy-ish in rigid form. in black, it almost looks like a doctor's bag (a matter of personal opinion!). in your opinion, does the bolide look good on a 29 year old who wears jeans, tees and flip flops 75% of the time? i know that with my casual style, the mou bolide suits me better but i find the rigide bolide so much more beautiful.

    lastly, is the 37cm mou bolide (let's say, clemence) heavy? i find the 35cm birkin in togo very heavy already. i was afraid the 37cm might be just as heavy and i wont be able to use it as an everyday bag. rose, does the 32cm kelly hold more than the 31cm bolide? all my stuff fit the 32cm selier kelly just right...

    i'm leaning towards the bolide now. thanks for all your input and please keep them coming! :smile: you guys are the best!
  15. tokyogirl, you are so lucky to live in a place full of hermes! i love japan and i hope to visit tokyo next spring. :drool: