Bolide or Kelly Clutch????

  1. Seems like I have a new dilemma everyday, doesn't it? Oh well, it's a good distraction from the true dilemmas in my life. Here's the thing ... both Bolide and Kelly Clutch are on my list. Bolide was higher but now I really want the clutch too.

    One of the stores I deal with is getting in a Kelly clutch in fuchsia lizard this year, it'll cost somewhere between $4900 to $5050. However, after having called around for the past couple of weeks, I found a store that will be getting in a fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm this year as well.

    Which should I go for? I'm torn because it seems that the Kelly clutch in lizard is harder to get, but I don't go out much. I don't have an evening bag right now but the thing is I rarely go out at night and if I do, it's never any super-expensive restaurants that require dressing up (unless you count The Melting Pot or Lawry's).

    I can ONLY get one if I am successful in unloading my stuff prior to the arrival of any of these bags. I cannot count on my store ordering any of these for me in the future because they won't. I think I'm kind of leaning toward the clutch BUT I know if I give up on the Bolide I would regret it as well ... I am really really lost.

  2. I think you should get the Bolide (it would be a 31, right?) because it gives you more bang for the buck, i.e. it's more versatile. And it's elegant enough to accompany you into the night as well.
  3. I'd get the Bolide because it sounds like you would use it much more. :flowers:
  4. Bolide...for sure!
  5. I would get the bolide too. A clutch is only nice if you have all the bags you already need. Despite the collectible value, if you're not going to use it (and you're not insanely rich), what's the point?
  6. Another vote for the Bolide.
  7. Bolide since you would use it more often.
  8. I would vote, bolide, unless you already have a bolide then ...the other,
  9. The Bolide would be more versatile and you have stated that it was higher on your "list". Not to mention that the Bolide in fuschia ostrich is TDF. I'd go with the Bolide!!
  10. You seem to 'need' the bolide most. I quite happily carry a clutch casually , if I am 'doing lunch' etc. The Kelly clutch is definately on my list too.
  11. when you get the bolide, what if a kelly/birkin in pick ostrich arrives??? they're very popular and it seems they make those more.

    the pink in lizard is GORGEOUS! but i wished your choices were bolide and kelly 28.....not much help here, huh?
  12. i vote for the bolide, too..... waiting for mine as well....
  13. Bolide! You'll use it more and you could carry it into night if necessary. If you don't find yourself thinking that you need a clutch on a weekly basis then I'd definitely go with the daytime bag.
  14. I know the clutch is a sentimental favourite but the Bolide is more practical for your needs now:smile:
  15. The Kelly Clutch Would Be Amazing.....But, In The Case I Say Bolide!!!! & In Fuchsia Ostrich ~ Your Favorite!!!!!!!