Bolide & Kelly, anyone use the shoulder strap?

  1. I do love both these styles & like that they come with a strap, but I'm wondering if these are cumbersome or if they're really usable. Of course, either of these are still a dream for me, but a girl can dream, can't she? I just want to be "ready" with my dream bag should DH get a sizable bonus. I just found out that there's an independently owned boutique in my area (cleveland, oh). Anybody ever been there?

  2. I use the strap on my combo Kelly......but not on my others. Mine are all vintage and I had to buy the strap separately for my newest but somehow I knew I'd be using this bag more with a strap than without.....
  3. yep - I use it with my Bolide and Kelly's when my hands get too full.
  4. Amytude,

    I Just carried my black Bolide today and used the shoulder strap several times. Couldn't get along without my Kelly's shoulder straps, either.
  5. Straps for me.. when my hands are full..:yes:
  6. I always leave the strap on my Kelly just in case. I also like how it looks even when hand carrying.
  7. Absolutely. Don't know how I'd get along without it!
  8. I've never used the shoulder strap for my Kelly or Bolide so I can't be of any help to you, unfortunately. I'm sure you will receive a lot of feedback from other members though.
  9. I prefer to hand hold the Kelly or hold it in the crook of the arm, but I leave the strap on just in case I need my hands. The strap has come in handy in many situations like grocery shopping, fun shopping, crossing the street with kids, etc.
  10. I just got a Kelly about a month ago and I was actually a bit surprised at how much I used the strap. I normally prefer handheld bags and I also prefer the look of a handheld Kelly v. on the shoulder but I kept catching myself putting it on the shoulder. It's just so convenient.
  11. I LOVE the look of the strap hanging onto the Bolide and Kelly for casual wear. For dinner out, I'd take off the strap.
  12. I like handheld handbags, but I love the option of having the strap on my bolide and use it quite often. The strap also helps casual-ify the bag if just beating around town running errands.
  13. I love the strap for my kellys,It really is needed when your hands are full:smile:
  14. Me, too! :smile:
  15. I always have the strap attached on my Bolides...just tuck them inside when not in use (I carry my bags open). When I travel, I take the strap off, tuck inside and zip it up - works like a charm!