Bolide in exotic skin?

  1. What do you guys think of ostrich (31cm)or croc. (27cm or 31cm) Bolides? I love Bolides:heart: , but I am not too sure if it is worth spending that much $$$$ on a Bolide. With that money, is it better to get one more exotic Birkin or Kelly? B/c Bolide has similar prices to Birkin and Kelly :yucky: (very slightly cheaper than Birkin or Kelly).

    I don't know... there are SO MANY things I want to get from Hermes:sad:. I should be very careful what I decide to get since exotic ones are very expensive. Would you please give me you guys' opinion on exotic Bolides? Worth it? Thanks:flowers: .
  2. I think you should go for it, just for thr sake of variety. Also, simple styles, such as Bolide and Plume are often the best showcases for exotics because the leather is the star. I prefer croc in Plume and ostrich in both the 27 and 31cm Bolide.
  3. Bolides, birkins and kellys are all three different styles. My vote: 1) Exotic birkin 2) Exotic kelly 3) Exotic bolide

    They are my rankings.

    If you're desperate getting an exotic bolide, try to get one in fuschia ostrich. It's bombastik!!! :nuts:

    Dior24: :smartass:
  4. Exotic Bolides are incredible! I love them! Go check out LaVan's gorgeous ostrich bolide! It is absolutely stunning!
  5. Are you sure? Doesn't make any difference to me. :roflmfao:
  6. ^^ They are all TDF!
  7. personally i love bolides in ostrich but not in croc or to be precise i am not willed to spend the money for croc on a bolide ;)
  8. Buy them now immediately, mnspurselover.

    Dark green croc will look great on a kelly or 28 birkin.

    (Shout with me) dior24 said, "SA, kelly for me in green croc!"
    Look at bank account: Ooops. Faint.

    Angel, fall the money from the sky.


  9. I love Bolides as well and agree that on these simpler designed styles exotic leathers are the star. But for me and since I will only have one'll be a vintage Gold Ostrich Kelly!
  10. I think an ostrich bolide would be perfect!! I would like an ostrich plume...
  11. I prefer Bolide in ostrich more than in croc, although I've seen croc Bolides that just simply look fabulous. I like croc in Birkins and Kellys more. There's just something about a Bolide with those cute little dots!

    I want to get a Bolide 31cm in fuchsia ostrich. A very kind friend told me she saw one at her local boutique, I wish I had jumped on that opportunity then.
  12. I saw a mini bolide once in a fuchsia ostrich and it was beautiful!
  13. The mini Bolides are so cute!! Actually, I tend to consider any Bolide under 31cm to be mini:lol: . I would get a Bolide 27cm except I just cannot seem to pull it off as an everyday bag.
  14. Ostrich Bolides are gorgeous! For an exotic skin in Bolides, I prefer ostrich than croc.

    It's definitely worth the money because the 27 and 31 Bolides are so understated but look very elegant in ostrich. Also, the shape of the bag becomes more structured in ostrich and looks fabulous!