Bolide Dilemma

  1. I'm sitting on the fence right now...

    Two Mondays ago I did an impulse buy and got a Bleu Brighton 31cm Bolide in Chevre in the Chicago H.

    When I took it out of the box back at the hotel, I was a little shocked to see that the hardware was gold (yes, I'm old and need to gouge out my eyes--but everything had been wrapped, and all I saw in the store was the zipper pull and the handle rings, which hadn't looked gold to me in the store).

    So when I got home, Fesdu and I took it to one of our H stores to get store credit. The SA said he couldn't (wouldn't) do it. We left, both of us a little upset.

    Next morning, I ran it to our other H store across town, and the SA showed me a couple of Bolides, none of which I liked, and then she gave me store credit, promising to call me after she did a search for some different Bolides.

    She called about an hour ago: Etoupe 37cm Clemence Bolide. I like a variety of colors and already have an etoupe Evelyne, so that's one of the reasons why I'm on the fence...

    The other reason (and here, a confession) is that I really don't have a strong feeling for Bolide. It just doesn't make me feel the way Evelyne, Birkin, and Kelly make me feel.

    Help, ladies!!! Do you think that if I got the Bolide I will fall in love with it in time? I know there's quite a coterie of Bolide lovers here so I need to hear from you guys!!!
  2. this is a difficult one... first I LOVE the Bolide and from all the bags I used that one the most and secondly the Lindy/Birkin/Kelly.

    You say it didn't sing for you.... because? If that really is the case I think you shouldn't do it.....

    My feelings for the Bolide are it is understated, classic, easy to use, handheld or shoulder, it fits a lot, can be used as a travel bag on the plane for instance....

    I'm happy to learn you got a store credit.... :smile:
  3. Don't buy any bag you have to grow to love. Use your store credit on something that already makes you happy.
  4. If it didn't now...I wouldn't keep it and wait and hope IMO!! Get something else when it's right! I'm sorry - but if other bags sing - wait for the music!!! (and this is coming from one who has the same bag with silver!) -- or do you think it just might be the hardware color??
  5. I would say wait...however, I just received a 31 potroin bolide. I've got birkins, and a kelly...and I am really enjoying this bag. It's casual enough that I can just throw it on. Was it the hardware color...I think that brighton blue and gold sounds really pretty.
  6. My thoughts...use your store credit for something you love. You know...more of a guarantee.

    When you have additional funds to spend, look for a pre-owned bolide at a discounted price and try the bag out that way. See if the bolide works for you. If it doesn't, then you spent a fraction of the price and you can always resell. Who knows...maybe you will love the bolide.
  7. KB: that's a great idea about getting a pre-owned!!

    Shoes & GM: Yes, the hardware color plus the stiffness of chevre made the bag a little too "formal" for me.

    hk: your Lindy is TDF!!!! The color is divine!!!

    dg: ITA.

    But I will def go into the store to look at it and give it a chance, though.
  8. If you are on the fence, don't get it. Certain styles speak more to each of us and if you know what styles you really love - stick with those. You now know about how the Bolide feels and can move on. Store credits are wonderful things! Use it on something that will make you faint with glee!
  9. I so much feel your dilemna...

    I am such a compulsive shopper to the extent as buying something/anything when Im pleased with the SA's service:rolleyes: That is why I avoid going to H stores as much as possible and got me addicted to the forum big time!

    I enjoy living vicariously to other ppl's items and gives me so much time and perspective if I really like acquiring the particular item I'm :drool:. I imagine myself carrying the item...bugged my dh for his opinion...bugged forum members for their opinion:pand always rely on my instinct.

    IMO, since you've returned the bolide...your :heart: does not really sings for one.
  10. go look. the bag will decide things for you. in a 37, a mou style might be better i think...

    but no one can or should talk you into a bag you don't feel it for. how long is the store credit good for?
  11. hmm..i think take a look is a good thing.
    a mou 37 bolide with a relax color would look completely different than 31 rigide.
    but if it still doesn't sing to you..then wait.
  12. Why did the first store not give credit? Was it the "northern" store or the "southern" store? I dont understand why they wouldnt give credit.

    Maybe you havent seen the "right" bolide yet. If you are ambivalent, you should just hang on to the credit.
  13. The southern store. The more I think about it, the more upset I get, because I had to make that extra trip to the northern store the next day!!!
  14. HH, as you know, I got the Evelyne based on that picture you posted, and I LOVE it!!! So I thought I'd get the Bolide based on everything I read in your Ode to Bolide thread. I will def go and check it out.

    Also, the store credit is in the form of a gift card, and I can use it anywhere in the US and it doesn't expire, according to the SA.
  15. never buy an expensive thing expecting to fall in love!