Bolide cosmetic bag?

  1. I just saw this in a recent (not sure what month) of InStyle. It was just like a very small bolide, but without handles on the top. Does anyone have one? seen one?

    It was so, so cute, but I couldn't tell if it was made of leather or what? For the price ($225), it seems too good to be true.

    Would love your thoughts...

  2. it's made of the same material the Garden Party is made of. Its pretty roomy, I use it to store my feminine toiletries
  3. I have a red one in the large size. I use it in my Bolide, to store all my bits and bobs!!
  4. yes, the cosmetic bag comes in about 3 or 4 sizes and is made from canvas material. there is a small H embroidered at the top. the smallest size starts around $210 and the largest is about $290. i think the one pictured in the article is the largest size. In euros it is $225 and in USD it is $290. most of the colors available are navy, beige, white etc. they make great gifts!
  5. Any photos? :smile:
  6. It's not anywhere near as stiff as the Garden Party canvas, by the way. They're really soft and slightly padded--they make a fantastic cosmetic case or even a cute casual clutch for summer.
    These are really cute and really useful--there are often one or two on eBay for around $150 but if you find them in a store it makes more sense to me to just get a new one.
  7. Just got one in felted wool and I LOVE it! It sits perfectly inside my Bolide and catches all my bits and bobs........keys, pen, that kind of stuff.
  8. After seeing one I liked in the Le Monde Fall edition 2006, I bought one in gray ash wool felt with rouge leather piping in a size 31cm. I liked the gray and red combination on this travel padded pouch. The red leather reminds me of the smooth leather H used for the Paprika Brazil Hermessence fragrance. I use the pouch inside my souple birkin or Kelly Flat to give those bags more structure . The tag calls this pouch 'bolideholdall travel bag'.
    bolideholdall_travel_bag_d.jpg bolideholdall_travel_bag_b.jpg bolideholdall_travel_bag_a.jpg bolideholdall_travel_bag_c.jpg
  9. [​IMG]
  10. That's IT!!!!! The felted wool Bolide Pouch! Mine's all black.......of course.
  11. Oh no... I.. want... red... :oh:
  12. I´ve seen these on eBay and figured if I ever get a bigger H bag I would get this to keep the bits and pieces tidy.
  13. Oh my, the red felted wool is a stunner. I hadn't yet seen that one, but I lurve it. Thank you for posting!

    Anyone from NY know where these are kept at Madison? I would assume on the 3rd floor, but I haven't seen any new ones for a while.
  14. I saw this in the InSytyle magazine also and called my S/A. He said they haven't had any in over a year at least.
    Has anyone seen one in an H Boutique lately?
    I would love to have one for my new Bolide that will be here shortly.
  15. The last time I saw any of them was when I saw the canvas ones at the recent Hermes sale. Is the felted wool new? Old?? I'm confuzzled now. I don't remember it but that doesn't mean anything.