bolide 37 capacity question

  1. hope someone can help me. well while the 40cm b. is perfect for travelling as a carry on it is not always suitable especially when travelling with 2 onboard pieces (garment bag and trolley) so now i am considering a 37cm bolide but what is most important does it fit the following things ?
    a cashmere pantsuit/jumpsuit(hate hate hate the payamas on board )
    travel literature
    small make up bag
    and the usual essentials (wallet,mobiles agenda etc)

    probably not mhmm?:sad::s
    what other bag is there with a shoulder strap that might fit the bill. i am totally lost at the moment.thanks in advance

    edit: it should not be too big as then i might get problems as the ground staff is maybe not accepting it as a handbag so 40 cm is max as i know they accept that
  2. Nope, definitely not all that (at least, not if your cashmere pantsuit takes as much room as a normal pair of pjs and if your travel lit is a magazine). Not unless you want to leave it open and stuff it so that it looks like an athlete's overstuffed gym bag.

    Have you thought about the Victoria FT - that might fit over the shoulder.

    There are travel sized bolides, too, but I don't think those have shoulder straps.
  3. Lilach, I think you could fit all of that in a 37cm mou Bolide. The pant suit is the only item that is troublesome. Everything else will fit in a cinch!

    You might want to take a look at the Victoria bag as well.
  4. You could, however, put the bolide stuffed with your normal gear into a Longchamp Pliages (with the long shoulder straps) and tuck the cashmere pantsuit in there as well.
  5. that´s what i thought . mhmm the victoria well that came t my mind as well but does it fit hte stuff? i can cut down on the literature (or put that in the trolley front compartment) but the jumper is a must
  6. I do not think the 37 Bolide is large enough.

    It might work if you put the travel pantsuit in the garmet bag.
  7. I think you can definitely fit all that in a Victoria - it's big and boxy. Try one out in the store and see if it suits you.
  8. well then i won´t need a bolide :lol: a longchamp alone would do but damnit i wanna travel with a nice on board handbag :hysteric::shame::roflmfao:
  9. Well, I'm with you! I would too if they ever increased the carry-on baggage limit, but I've settled for a nice 35 birkin inside my Pliages. When I reach my destination, that way I've got a nice handbag AND a handy stowable weekend bag.
  10. You could also use a shoulder birkin, but it's not as practical as a Victoria.
  11. that is the problem the comfort issue it is fab whentraveling with check in luggage but not when you have cabin luggage. i don´t want to look like a mule:upsidedown:
  12. Sorry, please don't kill me, but do you definitely want an H brand travel bag? I was going to suggest a large size classic Balenciaga. Sorry, many apologies.
  13. I don't think it would fit easily in a victoria either. That bag doesn't seem that big to me.
  14. Please also don't kill me. I like Balenciaga large size for travelling as well. It is so light and roomy. :p

    Victoria also has big size which is 42cm wide. :smile:
  15. Nothing wrong with a Bbag either, that's true. The mens Weekender is roomy and has handles that can go over a shoulder.