Bolide 31cm vs 37cm

  1. So the bolide bug is really trying to bite me!!:nuts: I've read tons on the forum about the 31cm but not much about the 37cm. Is it ginormous?? Or is it a good everyday size? I lean towards bigger bags but without an Hermes close to me I am having trouble visualizing the difference. Any advice or pics would be greatly appreciated!!:flowers:
  2. 37cm is huge.. i saw it at the boutique.. 31cm is a perfect size for bolide IMO.

    goodluck :smile:
  3. I have a 37 and I don't find it enormous at all.. I'm 5'7 and 123lb and prefer biggish bags, I find it just right for me...How tall are you? If you're petite then maybe a 31 is better, I find the 37 just right for my build, it's roomy but not heavy (even in heavy leathers like Clemence) HTH:flowers:

  4. Thanks duna! I'm 5'6 so I might be able to pull it off....Do you happen to have a pic of you carrying it??
  5. PGn....give us some idea of your height and weight because this is a very huge help for us. For example...I'm 5'3" (and shrinking I might add) and 108" (after my episode with the stomach flu) with a somewhat slight frame so a 31cm Bolide is just right for me as is a 28cm kelly Rigide and a 30cm Birkin or 32cm HAC. It's all in the proportions AND ALSO in whether or not you like a larger bag vs a smaller bag. All those things come into play.

  6. I'm 5'6 and 130 lbs. I usually prefer larger bags but with a hand held bag I don't want it to be too heavy.... Glad you are feeling better(I saw your other post) Stomach bugs are the worst!!! I always feel skinny afterwards but man it isn't worth it!!!:yucky:
  7. the bolide in the bigger size is a travel bag almost. I love, the 31cm for handbag!
  8. PGN.......Ok then I'd say that you could pull off the 37cm for sure. Which leather are you looking at? The type of leather will determine the heavyness of the bag....for example, the toile/leather combo 37cm on the LZ web-site probably won't be heavy because of the toile vs clemence or fjord leather in that size
  9. For an everyday bag, I think I'd prefer the 37cm. I've tried it on and and it looked great. Also looked as if it could fit a wallet, keys, cosmetics, 2 spare diapers and wipes, and a paperback book. And some days, I need all of those things.
  10. I was thinking mou clemence?? There is one on ebay that I posted in the authentication forum. I think it's clemence..
  11. Ok...that's a'll a bit on the heavy side and will also have a bit of a slouch to it. Did you take a look at Baggs?
  12. I"m 5'8 and 135 and I like BOTH of them, the 37 is bigger and good for everyday but for me not too big, and the 31 is more handbag yet not too small. I had my Muse bag with me when i was looking and it's about the size of a 37 (the regular Muse, not oversized) so if you have the chance to see one of those it might help. And look at Bagg's (31) it's gorgous!
  13. PGN, my sister has a black Bolide 37 in Chevre and it's a great size! She's about 5'1" too but it's not overwhelming.
  14. I can take a pic of me carrying it tomorrow; as far as weight is concerned, mine is Clemence and no way as heavy as 35 Birkin in the same leather....If you have a large Muse the Bolide is certainly not bigger, I would even say a tad smaller.....;)

    P.S Sorry, I confused you with Callmelulu, about the Muse....
  15. Thanks!!! I have tried on the large muse and loved it so if the 37 is comparable to that it would work!!