Bolide 31 - What Color???


May 10, 2006
Hi.. I'm currently wanting badddly a bolide 31. I wanted the bolide in orange, but i've just gotten a mangue B30. So any suggestions as to what color bolide i should get.

I already have :
iris, geranium, graphite k
bougainvillea, mangue b
blue jean, maron d'inde, sanguine lindy
iris chain d'ancre
rouge h GP
RC jige

I lovvveee bright2 colors.
i'm thinking of blue/green/yellow tone for the bolide.

Do they make granny bolide?


Apr 1, 2008
H Land
If you love orange, go for it. I love orange, red and black and don't mind repeating them. I have an orange lindy and just bought another orange bolide 31 clemence today:smile: just too irresistible.

Some of us here have same color bag sets in different designs, some prefer to vary the colors to make a beautiful rainbow. You will know when it keep tugging at you not to let go, orange or otherwise.

Good luck deciding and enjoy your wonderful H collection!