Bolide 31 in Rouge Vif Coromandel with GH

  1. To cut a long story short, this was an SO for myself which JUST arrived but they got the hardware wrong (I wanted Palladium, I got gold), I'm letting you ladies know first.

    Here are the specs:

    Bolide 31
    Rouge Vif
    Chèvre de Coromandel
    Gold Hardware

    Currently on hold for me at FSH (PM me if you're serious about this and I'll give you my SA's name so you can contact him) but if no one is interested, I'll let them know they can "release" it.

    I'm so heartbroken that it's the wrong hardware, but I think I heard my CC breathe a sigh of relieve as it cowered in my handbag.
  2. Hey! Rouge vif alert! Wasn't it the "impossible to get" color?!?

    OMG, let me think, I hope they won't get the hardware color on my raisin birkin wrong:s
  3. Oh no, Perja!!:crybaby:

    Will they start over with your order or do they put a rush on it?

    Poor thing, how long were you waiting for it?
  4. Are you sure? Gold hardware with red is so pretty...
  5. ^^Yes, I wondered the is so pretty with red, although I am a palladium girl myself...
    I have banned myself from any contacts with FSH right now...but what a lovely sounding bag!
  6. I love Rouge Vif! I hope someone grabs it!!
  7. So nice of you to offer:smile:
  8. I was waiting for it since March and I have asked my SA to wait before putting the order in again. I don't know now. Do I want to go ahead with the rouge vif in a Bolide, do I want to order something else... Or even, do I want to order ANYTHING?
  9. Which is store is FSH?
  10. paris mothership st. honore
  11. Thank you!

    Hmm, sure is tempting....
  12. You are so fortunate!!!! Gold is sooo much nicer in my opinion. A ruby is always set with yellow gold. It sounds perfect!
  13. I'm so sorry to hear this, Perja.

    IMO, GH goes well with red. Rouge Vif is a beautiful color and I'm craving for a Birkin in this color. OTOH, I'd be darn annoyed if the store messed up my order. How could this happen? Is FSH in such a chaos that they can't cope with the orders?
  14. Perja, did you decide to take this Bolide? If so, would you pls consider posting a pic or two? I would LOVE to see it sounds *divine*.

  15. What does VIF mean? Is this a different color than rouge hermes?