Bolduc twilly sightings anyone?

  1. i just ordered a pink bolduc twilly (anyone have a pic of this is pink with purple white ribbon w/red sounded pretty so i just asked them to ship it for me) ...

    any one else seen any other bolduc twillys anywhere?

  2. I saw some in Las Vegas, but this was early December ( 610-992-9730).
  3. thanks rose! your posts are fueling my scarf obsession! going to call them right now
  4. Larissa is my SA at LV....
  5. Gosh, I haven't looked for bolduc twillys lately, but back in 2005 I bought bolduc twillys in rouge H/cream, green/cream, navy/cream and yellow/green at KOP. Did you try calling there?
  6. Great choice - I have that colorway (see attached picture). Was bought at Chicago Hermes late last year. Hope this helps!
    Hermes pink twilly - WM.jpg
  7. Awww, Tweeties Twilly-love it!
  8. ^^ Aawwww thanks Rose! I'm such a pink girly-girl...