Bolduc Twillies + Little Fashionista in the making??

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  1. My Hermes Bolduc Twillies Collection ..:supacool:

    Thought it'll be fun getting DD to model them! :P

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  2. These 2 are my favourites! :heart:

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  3. OMIGOD she is just so cute! The twillies look great on her, thanks for posting.
  4. Ooo, she's sooo cute !!! a great model for your beautiful twillies !!!
  5. Londondolly... She is absolutely adorable!!! I want one of my own!!!
  6. How cute is she!!!!!!
  7. Your DD is cute as a button - she looks adorable in your lovely twillies :heart:
  8. She really is the sweetest thing!!
  9. So adorable! The orange cw looks great on her!
  10. :love::love: She looks so adorable londondolly. Twillies were made for her.
  11. She's so cute!!!
  12. So cute! Is she the same girl as the baby in your avatar? They grow so fast!
  13. She is so precious!!!
  14. Such a beautiful little girl!

    My DD (5 years old) loves to look at my scarves. I told her I would buy her a twilly when she turns 12 or 13 and she squealed with delight! She is already very aware of H and even pronounces the name correctly! :woohoo:
  15. Lyanna Stark: Yes, that's her in my avatar at 5months, she's 19months now! You're absolutely spot on on how fast they grow!!

    HermesNewbie: DD pronounces Hermes correctly now too whenever I show her a birkin! :lol: