Bolduc Scarf/Pochette/Twilly in White/Black anywhere????

  1. I've been searching for this design for a while now (lol, ok, only a few months) and really want to avoid eBay. Has anyone seen this in their store lately? I'm looking for the Bolduc (white/black colourway) scarf, twilly or pochette.

    TIA :flowers:
  2. check the sale events!
  3. I know you want to avoid eBay Cal, but I have seen this for sale by one of our reputable sellers, if they are on our list you are OK, I am sure.....I got a twilly from one of them for just a hair below retail....if you dont find it at the boutique!

  4. I just came back from South Florida and highly recommend that you call the Neiman Marcus in Ft. Lauderdale (speak to Ben in scarfs) or Bal Harbour NM as they had a bunch of bolduc pochettes still on sale. Also call the H in Bal Harbour as I think they had a few pochettes too.
  5. sale? did you say sale? tell me more.
  6. Thanks for the tip - I just spoke to Ben (who, BTW, is a complete sweetie) and they don't have any. He checked the computer and there are none showing up. I'll see how I go a H in Bal Harbour. Thanks :flowers:
  7. No luck at H Bal Harbour either. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Do you have the link CobaltBlu? I've done a search on ebay and nothing's coming up. Thanks.
  9. Sorry hlfinn, I didn't mean "sale" in the reduced price way....more in available for sale at full price way