Bold Move!

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  1. Hello, Everyone!
    Well, it reached 115 degrees the other day and I finally did something I've said I was going to do for a couple of months now. I CUT MY HAIR!!!! All of it, over 10 inches.
    My stylist asked if I was sure 3 times...I said yes. I was tired of dealing with the huge mass of hair, it's weight and the fact that the only thing I could do with it was pull it into a pony tail or put it up. Besides, it was uncomfortably hot just about any time, not just during the summer months.
    She put my hair into a rubber band and SNIP it was all going back. I said the cut better be cute and it is.
    I ended up donating my hair and as a nice bonus the haircut was FREE! My stylist did not mention that when she asked, but it would not have mattered.
    Now, I'm going to have to update my pic so everyone can see me new do. Dad will be stunned.
  2. brave lady!

    i'm so glad you love it! i'm sure you look lovely! :smile:
  3. Woowoo! Yay for short summer cuts! Cant wait to see pictures! Good thing you like it, because like you said 'no going back', lol.
  4. wow, that is indeed a bold move.. enjoy ur new hair do..
  5. Wow!..10 inches! That truely was a brave move! I'm proud of you, I admire people who are not afraid of change and take risks...congrats on your new do!
  6. 10 inches?! wow, you're so brave. i have really long hair and am too scared to get a trim over 3 inches.

    congrats on the new do. can't wait for pics.
  7. whoa, can't wait to see the new look. im glad that u like the haircut.
  8. WOW - you are much braver than I! If I ever get my hair cut short, you will be the first person I get in touch with to push me to just go through with it!
  9. Abandoned, I think it is so funny that you now identify yourself as a "short hair" girl b/c I am desperately trying to grow my thin hair out to the length of yours' in the "short" picture in your thread so that I can have "long" hair!

    I totally realize that you cut a ton off so it's a huge change, but I'm still in awe of your "shorter" long hair and can only wish mine would get that long, lol:lol:

    It sounds like kate has lots of great thick hair too -- can't wait to see pics, I'm sure the shoter look is adorable!!
  10. You are brave! But at 115 degrees, I'd probably do the same thing! :smile:
  11. that was a nice thing to do to donate your hair. Was it locks of love?
    post a pic of your new do!
  12. Hair For A Cause was who I donated my hair to. They make wigs and falls out of natural hair for cancer patients and others who have no hair of their own. I hope it helps some one. The ends were pretty damaged.
  13. Hey MandM! lol I know, I know :shame: I suppose I did exaggerate (even if it is just a huge change for me). I'll start thinking of myself as a "just past shoulder length hair" girl now, lol. Thats cool youre growing your hair out, how long is it now?
  14. Wow, you're a brave girl! :nuts: That's was so nice of you to donate your hair. Where are the pics? I would love to see it!
  15. My stylist snipped off 2 inches of my hair and I'm already aching in the heart. You're brave and for a good cost as well! Thumbs up!