Boil it down for me: what are spring's fashion trends?

  1. I know there's a spring collection runway photo thread here, but looking through them is totally overwhelming to me! What trends have you seen for spring? Which ones do you like and which do you plan to wear? :p
  2. silver
    white eyelet
    flat or high high shoes
    patent leather
    trapeze shape dresses and skirts
    futuristic clothes (Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana)
    40s pinup
    miniskirts and dresses

    dresses are still the must have item in your wardrobe
  3. Thanks so much, Sonya! I don't read fashion magazines (my house is cluttered enough already) so this thread is pretty much my main link to the world of fashion!

    OK, I've seen trapeze dresses in the darling. I tried a couple on but having been pregnant twice, I think they just make me look pregnant. What type of body shape works best with trapeze dresses? What kind of shoes should be worn with them?
  4. For the 'trapeze' style dresses i think a slimmer figure is definitely more flattering. Especially on smaller chested women. For shoes platforms are great with them and maybe to balence the shape out- a cropped jacket? (another Spring trend)
  5. wear a shorter trapeze dress with bare legs an a flat or a platform/wedge. A cropped jacket can make you look even larger unless it's very fitted and very cropped. Wear the dresses with long necklaces or a bold necklace, depending on the style and the neckline. Maybe carry a clutch.
  6. The whole cobalt blue is making a huge comeback, high waisted trousers, flared trousers/jeans, minishift dresses, retro printed dresses, super high heels and a clean, almost military/space-age slook.
  7. i'm sooo happy about cobalt blue. i can't even count the number of times i've been in shops and seen a dress in orange, green or pink and thought "gahhhh gimme cobalt!" :lol:
  8. :yes:
  9. Also, hemlines are set to rise this spring/summer... It's going to be all about legs legs legs and more legs!! Be sure to pair them with heels to make your legs look longer and more toned.
  10. I've noticed an abundance of "skinny" denim capris in the stores lately... Ok, so I bought a pair too. They're by Citizens, and are really flattering! I can't wait to wear them with flats when it warms up!
  11. yellow is going be big this season too
  12. I agree with all the stated above, I would only add the must have accessory : large belt worn high waist (in silver or patent leather, or just black leather).
    For the trends I am gonna wear.....well I already got into cobalt blue and patent leather last year when it was first announced, and this year I am definitely adding silver (belt, flat ballerinas, or even trainers ! I love the LV and Fendi shoes but too $), trapeze dress .
    I think that Gwen Stefani´s videos at the moment are quite a good concentrate of the trends.
  13. Not just mini skirts though! :biggrin: I'm seeing a lot about full, slightly longer skirts too, which is lovely, because I love a nice, somewhat knee-length, full skirt :smile: Seems like high-waisted is the way to go with many skirts, still.

    The dress trend is great, but for the empire and trapeze style dresses, if you don't have a slim figure, they don't look quite right (I can't even wear them). But I think any dress style is pretty nice right now. has a great selection of summer dresses :yes:

    The only trends I find unattractive right now are the trench coat and big chunky platform heel really have to have a certain style/look to wear those successfully.
  14. Are there any items from last spring/summer I can salvage or are they all out? (esp. my ankle-length flowy skirts)?
  15. I think a lot of the peasant styles that were in vogue the few last years could work with the tunics (also in style now). Wedges are still around in full force also it looks like espadrilles aren't exactly dead. The babydoll style is coming back (as said with the empire waistlines). Ankle length is okay, but I wouldn't say very forward right now. It's all about knee length straight or above the knee flowy.