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    Barbie® Goes BoHo

    This spring, Barbie® will perfectly capture the unorthodox style and fanciful handiwork of Anna Sui as the Anna Sui BoHo Barbie® doll, featuring a white and pink embroidered camisole with rouche detailing, skinny dark denim jeans, a gypsy-influenced crochet-look cotton shawl and a wide-brim felt hat in signature Barbie® pink. Beginning March 15, 2006, the Anna Sui BoHo Barbie® doll will be available at FAO Schwarz and the Anna Sui boutique in New York at a suggested retail price of $160; also available internationally for $200.

    Contact Krisse Mansfield
  2. I want that hat for myself!!!! :biggrin:
  3. Nice shades barbiee
  4. very hot ! love the shades !!
  5. LOVE HER!!!
  6. Is that a pancho? I hate panchos, hahahaha.
  7. That's really cute!
  8. I love her cameo! Great Barbie!
  9. Love the hat Barbie! Its about time Barbie wore modern clothes......even if they represent a previous season. ;) ;)
  10. lol. Very cute.
  11. hehehe. barbie goes boho? that's awesome.
  12. I want that top.
  13. 2cute
  14. I love the glasses and the hat! :biggrin:
  15. Lovely! That sloppy hat is sooo nice.
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