Bogus authentications! Fakes that are too good...

  1. My girlfriend called me in a rage, she bought a bag from eBay a few months ago, a black multicolore speedy. The seller bought it from an auction house in California which authenticated it. My friend took it to LV store and the manager also authenticated it so all was well in her world. She broke the zipper (got something caught and seperated the teeth on the zipper from yanking on it). She took it and dropped it off for repair and was notified that they will not fix it because upon inspection, it is a replica. She contacted the seller and he told her he had no problem giving her money back to her but he also contacted the auction house to get his back. I actually feel sorry for both of them. Are replicas really that good? I read a thread about a multicolore wallet that was very difficult to tell. I've been eyeballing some things on eBay and now I think I'm just purchasing from eLuxury or the boutiques. :sick:
  2. Wow, that's horrible. Yeah, I only shop from eLuxury or the boutiques just in case.
  3. There are replicas that are THAT good.
    Scary. And sad.
    Thank goodness your friend got her money back, but what a let down and a PITA!
  4. Yes, there are different grades of replicas - sometimes they are called Grade A, B, etc.

    And the good ones are VERY good! Very hard to tell unless you know what to look for and get tons of pics. :censor:
  5. I've heard there are some high quality replicas that actually have to be taken apart to have the stitches counted to determine authenticity. That does suck though, sorry to hear about your friend's story.
  6. Oh that does suck, I hope that they both get their money back!
  7. fakes are getting better and better these days. i heard those superfakes are even more expensive to produce than the real ones. scary!
  8. I am usually too chicken to try eBay except for hard to find items like my Cerises Cles.
  9. I'm with you...
  10. How sad! I've never been brave enough to buy a bag from ebay. I would rather pay more $$ and know that what I'm buying is 1000% authentic.
  11. I bought a Waltz Macha bag on ebay recently for my mother in law I STUDIED those pictures hard and those of the other bags the seller had on. I was confident they where real.

    The waltz got here and as soon as I opened the box I knew it was a fake (mostly because of the plastic smell, YUCK) but basically the difference where small enough not to tell on the pictures but in real life something was not quite right.

    I did get my money back luckily, and as it was a surprise I never told my mother in law so I didn't have to disappoint her.

    There are good people on ebay but sadly a lot of bad too.
  12. WoW! I've bought a couple of bags in E-bay and the bags that I bought were the NOT so popular ones from a certain designer, and both of them were authentic, thankfully. Most of the real ones I see are the ones that are from a different season (a few years back, vintage ones), discontinued and not popular ones. Also, a GOOD indication of a Seller that sells an authentic bag on E-bay is of course their feedback 99% and up and that he/she has no qualms sending lots of pics, that are clear...
  13. So far, all my ebay purchases have been authentic. I like to think I'm good at making sure it's real from the pics, but I know some sellers will do the ol' bait and switch.

    About a week ago, I was talking to a lady who was carrying a beautiful Batignolles Horizontal. We were talking purses and she shocked me when she said hers was a fake. I STILL wonder if it wasn't real and she just said that, but that would be stupid.

    I'm not an expert, but I would have bet money hers was real. She let me look at it after she told me it was fake, too. I've studied the BH enough and there was NO difference from a real bag! I've looked since seeing hers and still would guess it was real.

    She told me where she bought it and paid $120. The leather was turning honey like a real one and it even SMELLED like a real LV.

    Until that experience, I always thought I'd be able to spot a fake pretty easily. Not anymore!
  14. This woman I work with is very proud that she buys "perfect" fakes. She said that they sell tons of them online (she never says where).

    So last night at work I asked her if I could see her "LV Speedy 30". I didn't tell her about getting my REAL bag yet. Outright just looking at it you couldn't tell. But when I got it in my hands the tag with the stamping was fatter, but the stamping VERY good.

    On the inside, the date code font was smaller and deeply inset. The handles seemed longer, and the canvas felt funny. The vachetta was white.

    The best part though was when I pulled on where the handles were attached and they are glued on! I could see the glue! I had a little chuckle at that, of course she looked at me like I was crazy, but I said nothing.

    So when her bag falls apart, I'll be nice and say "too bad" with an evil grin on my face of course! :roflmfao:

    And thank goodness for TPF!!!!!!!
  15. That's scary, and one of the reasons I've never been brave enough to purchase a bag off Ebay:sad: