Bogetta Veneta Ball bag...Star!

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  1. While in Chicago I had to visit the BV store...I had fallen in love with Star's Ball bag and I had to see it in person. ;)

    After seeing it (they only had red) I came to the conclusion that Star is the size of a little tiny doll. :P I'm slender....but compared to the way it looked on her made me look like an Amazon woman. LOL Needless to say I realized then it wasn't in the cards for me ever have that bag. :cry:

    Oh, and when I told the lady that I saw a pic of it in tone on tone brown....she told me she didn't know that they had made that in style in that color! She wanted one! lol
  2. OH MY G-D! People have been saying that exact sentence to me my entire life!LoL:lol: When I used to wear my baby, baby LV speedy's, I distinctly remember a very prominent woman in the city ask me to become involved in a charity event because she said "You look like a little barbie doll!"....a shallow statement but anyways that's what I get all the time. I am surprised the bag looked awkward on you - YOUR TALL!!!!! JEALOUS! Maybe it was because it was a big bright red version of the bag. That can make all the difference in how it may appear on you. ....goodluck with your search!....there are 2 tone on tone brown ball bags in Canada if she ever reads this!:lol:
  3. I am so jealous star that you have that bag! It is just so unique and beautiful!
  4. Actually, I didn't even try the bag was on a wall display and I knew as soon as I looked at it, it wasn't the size I had thought it was. I didn't see it right away, as I didn't recognize it. I pointed to the regular hobo in black, asking if it came in a larger size...thinking that was the Ball bag. Then I asked for it by name....and she pointed to the red one.

    The black hobo (?) was nice too...and on sale for $1400 something, in case anyone is interested. :smile:
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