Boetie PM and Tivoli PM too similar?

What shall I do?

  • Get the Boetie PM and KEEP the Tivoli PM - they are quite different, really

  • Get the Boetie PM and SELL the Tivoli PM - they look too similar

  • Get the white MC Trouville and forget about Boetie PM

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May 26, 2008
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The look of the Boetie PM is starting to grow on me. I tried it in store, it looks perfect on me but I'm quite hesitant to get it since I already own the Tivoli PM.

To some extent, I think there is some similarity between the two and not too sure if I should get both...? :confused1: And yes, I do love the Tivoli PM - it's a really cute bag and the size is just nice for me.

At the same time, I am also kinda drawn to the white MC Trouville and have the chance to get a pre-loved one in like new condition at reasonably good price. I have the white MC petit noe but no handheld bag in the MC line as yet.

Any suggestion what I should do? :P
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Nov 30, 2008
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I agree! They aren't similiar to me! I didn't vote for the MC b/c you said you are kinda drawn to it...makes me think you are only considering it because of the price!
i also agree! :] don't make a purchase based on the price... buy it because you love the item. :]
Jun 7, 2009
I agree they are similar but what's wrong with having two similar bags? Alotta people have two speedys from different lines, or even from the same in a different size. I love both & if I were you I'd keep the tivoli & buy the boetie too


Apr 1, 2009
Def. get the Boetie PM. If you need the funds for the boetie, then sell the tivoli. If you don't, then keep the tivoli.
:tup: I agree, definitely get the bowtie. If you have enough funds for it, keep the tivoli for a little while and if you stop using it and still think they're similar, sell it then and use the funds towards something else that you really want.