Boetie MM vs Galleria PM for a short gal :D

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  1. I love both bags, I would love be able to purchase them, but sadly I can only afford one.

    I'm torn over which one would look better for someone who is short and thin. I'm 5'2" and I've read that the Boetie MM looks a bit too long (the straps) for someone my height, but I was wondering if anyone who owes this bag agrees? Would a Galleria PM look better for someone my height?

    The other thing I am hoping you gals could help me with is which bag will stand the test of time, better? I've browsed the Internet looking at both the bags on ebay and such where the vachetta has turned patina and I have to admit. Even though the Boetie has a lot of vachetta it seems to age better than the Galleria.

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on this for people who own this and if you found that to be true as well?

    Which one do you feel looks better for someone who is shorter and which one ages better overall?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. im 5'2 110lbs lol but i HAD the galleria pm, i loved her, she was perfect!
  3. I'm 5'3 and a UK size 8, I have 2 Gallieras and I love them!! Perfect size... Perfect slouchy hobo shape! And now the rings have been sorted so no black marks! I have a Boetie Wallet which has lots of vachetta, I do love it dearly bit wish I had bought something all mono or vernis! I think the condition and the way a bag has aged depends on how it has been used and cared for. There are some beautiful Gallieras out there with perfect even honey patinas.
  4. I prefer the galliera pm better! I'm only 5"1 but I have galliera gm. I just wish they would fix the rings on the gm. I'm going to return her and get store credit, sadly.
  5. I love the Boetie in PM size, but that is way too much vachetta for my comfort level. I vote for Galliera PM!
  6. Galliera!!!
  7. Galliera!
  8. Galliera. It's such a comfortable bag. The Boetie is very pretty but all the vachetta scares me!
  9. I'm 5'0" -- love the Galliera PM!!
  10. Definitely the Galleria!
  11. Galliera
  12. Galliera PM.
  13. Galliera PM :biggrin:
  14. Both are really beautiful bags.

    I would choose the Galliera for a more casual lifestyle; I think the Boetie is a bit more elegant.
  15. 5'4" and LOVE my galliera pm.