Boeing 30 in Bordeaux

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  1. I just realized I hijacked mamaluvsbags thread on the Boeing 30 - so sorry. Here's a pic of my Boeing 30 in Bordeaux which I got from Paris for Euro 1850 (before VAT refund).

  2. Well that is a queen's bag . Beautiful and congrats.
  3. Outstanding! Lovely bag and what a great shape! Enjoy and many congratulations!!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous!!!!
    I have the st Louis in the Bordeaux, beautiful!!
  6. I love that bag!! I am seriously considering adding a Boeing 30 to my collection. It is gorgeous and looks so practical. How are you liking carrying it? Any cons so far?

    Wear in the best of health, congratulations!!
  7. Congrats on your Boeing! Just added a Boeing 45 to my collection recently too.
  8. Thanks all! I love carrying it! The cons - Eventhough its just a 30, its still quite long so if you're in crowded places, you just have to make sure you don't hit other people with it. I would think its just the same as carrying any bowler bag like the Speedy. However, you can put so many things inside so its worth it!
  9. So beautiful! I love the color!:yahoo:
  10. Great choice. Im new to Goyard so pleased to see the variety
  11. Love the style and color. Congrats!!
  12. Just love it!
  13. I adore the color! Congrats - you're going to love this bag, especially when it gets softer and smooshier!
  14. It's gorgeous! Have fun with it!
  15. Beautiful! Never seen the Boeing in Bordeaux before, but it is oh-so gorgeous!