Body wraps?

  1. Has anyone tried a body wrap? I have been thinking about trying this it seems like a fun spa kind of thing that will tighten me up. I believe this one is specifically the fat burning "The Victoria Morton Process" wraps. They guarantee a 6-20 inch reduction. Let me know if you have tried it and your results. Thanks:flowers:
  2. wow.. how much are these/?? sounds like fun and relaxing way to squeeze up a little.
  3. They are $135-210 and you can also buy packages.
  4. In australia i heard they are really expencive, around $1000, to me i dotn think its worth the money, maybee 100-200 for a one night thing where you want to look aboslutely smashing, what ive heard of it (and im not very familar with it) is they wrap you in a similar thing to gland warap very tightly for and hour or so, one your untied your fat has tightened so you loose inches on your waist, slowly it goes back to normal, it supossedly works for a week or so but i couldnt see it lasting for more than 1 or 2 days, and the outfit you pick will never fit you again for some decent time untill you losse weight, maybee try it at home one day with a friend with a packet of glad wrap it will only cos you around $3? then again breathing complcations may occur?
  5. If I wanted to drop the inches quickly for a special night...

    Id just wear a corset or something. :P

    I don't believe in stuff like this, there is no such thing as a quick fix.
  6. haha.. make me a glad wrap corset naughtymanolo!

    come to think of it, glad wrap would just make me sweaty - i.e. swell up..
  7. ^ sure lol, thats true its plastic so its a man made fiber and you would sweat alot in it! oh well we might as well try?
  8. I don't have anything to lose weight for I just thought this looked fun. Here's a link to it They have testimonials on the site but I wanted to see if any of you guys had tried this.
  9. I have done lots of body wraps: here are my findings/results:

    they are super relaxing, but don't plan any activities after the wrap because the only things that you will do when you're done is nap, run to the toilet to poop alot, have an active bladder, sweat alot and be super super thirsty. you will probably loose a couple lbs too the next day or two because your body is emptied out and replenshed with sleep and water.

    it usually doesn't matter which kind of herbal wrap you get, as they all typically have the same end results but I opt to go with the Emilee's Intrigue at Burke WIlliams for the whole experience to get a clean start after a long exhausting project and to get my refresh on.
  10. I have also been wanting one of these. They seem like a nice relaxing experience. It may help you lose water weight. You know, if you go outside when it is really really hot and you wrap your body in saranwrap, you will loose water weight too!! Ha... my mom told me she and her friends did that in college. That is the poo-folk wrap :gruacho:
  11. Thanks monablu. I think I will try it. Apparently this is very popular because I called to schedule and they are booked for a few weeks!
  12. i've heard the wraps is a way to lose fluids from your body. It's only i quick fix and still you need to go on a dietary guideline. I don't think they are a long term weight lose goal
  13. I've had the Victoria Morton body wraps done, quite a few times. I think they are great for detoxifying and tightening up loose skin. I did experience some inch loss but usually on the very low end of the scale. What they do is add up all the measurements and that's where they get your total. So 1/4 inch in the arm plus 1/2 inch around the abs and so on. Unless you are very large the results are not huge. Most of it is water, as in bloating. Which you won't gain back if you watch what you eat and exercise. I do really like their wraps but don't go in expecting to lose 3 dress sizes your first time. HTH
  14. Sorry to dredge up such an old thread, but I was wondering if anyone else had any additional feedback regarding body wraps? I have a friend who wants to do one together, but I want to make certain I will see some kind of result before shelling out that kind of cash!!! :rolleyes:

  15. What it comes down to is it is merely a spa treatment- a wrap may cause you to lose water weight, but that is all. Spa treatments are pricey anyhow, so as long as this is something you want to do- sure, why not?!