Body wrap "taut" by Brooke Burke

  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried this wrap & if it works.

    "Burke also recently launched Baboosh Baby, an eco-friendly online store, and reveals that her secret to a svelte post-baby body is a belly wrap called Taut. "You pull it super tight and Velcro it," she says, "It feels good for all of that baby skin. I swear by it."
  2. I've never heard of that, but would love to know!
  3. never heard of that particular wrap. but i know that in my country, a lot of women have massage daily post birth and wear those tummy control corsets (like a wrap around the waist) to ensure that the tummy doesn't sag and to help regain pre-pregnancy figure. all my cousins did that and my aunt gave me one too. however, i didn't use it as i find it uncomfortable (the older generation said i'm stuborn and will regret not listening to them:rolleyes:).

    my cousins do have very svelte figures, but i don't regret not wearing the wrap cause i think comfort is important to me. i'm the same size as pre-baby and never went on any diet/ exercise after giving birth (i gained 55lbs and 60lbs with my pregnancies). however, i did took longer time to go back to pre-baby weight. it took me about 1year for my body to be back to normal size, whereas my cousins were back in pre-pregnancy figure within 2months.
  4. I read the article about Brooke Burke saying that too and I was like, where the heck do I get one? LOL
  5. i check out the product on the internet (thx for sharing), there's a similar wrap in asia, i've tried it, it works for me but it only helps you get your stomach back pre-pregnancy, but not actually make it flatter than before, i was a gym addict, so i have no problem getting back in shape ASAP but for those who don't exercise that much pre-pregnancy, don't expect miracles.

    i heard that the wrap only works if you put it on as soon as the baby came out, don't wait till 15 days or 1 month after that....
  6. Brooke Burke has revealed the secret to a have a great post baby body – staying fit during pregnancy and Taut Compression Wraps. After three kids and one on the way, Burke says she knows just what it take to get back to your normal size after having a baby.
  7. So besides her pumping her own product, has anyone on this forum tried one and had success?
  8. I ordered the taut. I will let you all know how it works for me because I am 34 1/2 weeks, so I will be using it quite soon. I have a good friend that had liposculpture/liposuction (she had her love handles removed by lipo), anyway the doctor had her wear a compression wrap for about a month to make the skin shrink back smoother. That said, her stomach looks tighter than ever so I believe the general concept works.
  9. I tried this. What a waste of money. It didn't do anything for me, was uncomfortable and made me bleed like crazy.
  10. I read in an interview that Jessica Alba also did something similar and she swears by it. No idea if it really works though!
  11. How much was it? Just curious. I really don't believe in things like that. There is no "wrap" or whatever than can give you a flat stomach. The muscles need to be worked in order for them to tone, and burn fat. Wrapping your stomach up would not do that. :nogood:
  12. My friend knows a woman who has had 5 kids and wore a similar wrap and never exercised to regain her pre-pregnancy body. I don't know..I was always under the impression that exercise was the way to go because the muscles have to be worked.
  13. All the taut can do is possibly make the skin heal/shrink faster/better. You would still need to work out to get your abs back, and thats if it works at all. I personally believe the taut could make the excess sagging skin right after birth shrink better, but it can't give abs.
  14. kittenslingerie, please don't forget to give us your full review after you've used it as I am very interested in this product! :yes:
  15. I definately will give a full report in about a month.