Body Up Brush System

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  1. So...I'm watching the ShopNBC The Beauty Source segment I recorded yesterday...yeah, I know, lame...but, I'm fascinated by this Body Up Brush System by Panache.
    They are rollers that are actually barrell brushes with removable handles. It's like having a tons of brushes in your hair at one time while drying your hair.

    Has anyone tried these?
  2. i haven't tried these myself but they do look really cool--and also like a disaster waiting to happen for me, since i just know i'd get one tangled in my hair and have to rip it out :P
  3. I purchased it on the shopping channel, just tried it today got my hair really tangled in it :S well the one on the back of my head Boy did it ever hurt had to rip it out :S my scalp is killing me :sad: going to return it today... it's a nice product just not for me :smile: