Body Type + Best Jeans

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've noticed that there are several threads about great jean brands, but I thought it might be fun/helpful to have a thread where people could describe their body type and the denim brand(s) and/or style(s) that work best for their shape. It could be a sort of resource... It's always a great feeling to find a fantastic pair of trousers! :smile:

    I'll go first:

    Body type- small bones, ecto/mesomorph, athletic, size 23-24, small round-ish booty
    Best jeans- Joe's Provocateur, Habitual (all styles), Rock & Republic
  2. Height- 5'6
    Body type- medium bone structure, ecto/mesomorph, athletic, size 27-28, roundish butt
    Best jeans- Rock & Republic Scorpions, Citizens of Humanity stretch Ingrid.

    I also own a bunch of Joes, 7FAM, and Paper Denim but find the others flatter and fit better :balloon:
  3. Ooh, height is a great one to add in there, Coach Superfan!

    My height- 5'3''
  4. Ooooo! Such a great resource. Great idea, etagaya!

    I can't really add anything to this because I'm still searching. I don't really wear jeans at the moment.
  5. Height: 5'7"/ 32-24" inseam

    Body type: hourglass with a bit of a tummy/ Size 31-32.

    Best fitting jeans: Lucky Brand Lil Maggie, TR Joey, 7FAM A-pocket & signature bootcut, Hudson supermodel triangle pocket, Joe's Rocker.

    I also LOVE men's 7FAM jeans in the slim-fitting cuts. Yes, MEN's. I like the Flynts and A-pockets best, but I also have a pair of Slimmys. It sounds weird, but they actually fit thick/curvy girls really well because they have a little more room in the thighs and butt, they have slightly higher rise (9 inches as opposed to 6 or 7), and the denim is usually a little thicker and less stretchy, which is more flattering IMO.
  6. Yes! Claire, my bf's mum wears about the same size as you, and when we went denim shopping together, the stylist suggested men's jeans for her and they look sooo good! they really flatter her shape. She loves them. Great suggestion!
  7. 5'4" smaller athletic frame, not too much booty [anymore... it's been disappearing lately]

    brands: citizens of humanity ava [straight/skinny leg], any R&R [particularly jaggers, give the illusion of a booty bc of the low rise]

    right now I'm wearing nudie super slim kims, which are pretty awesome sans the higher rise [7.5" cause they're unisex]
  8. 5'5 small body

    pear shaped

    Best Jeans- True Religion, Seven, Citizens, Department Store jeans in the junior section

    Havent worn a lot of jeans lately, but those above are the ones in my closet that fit me perfectly. The Citizens and Seven dont show my buttcrack when i sit. lol
  9. Body type: petite/bootylicious-challenged
    Levi's!! What is wrong with Levi's?!? I have bought jeans up and down the price scale, and nothing fits like they do for me.
    The only time I will EVER enter a JCPenney is to get Levi's! :roflmfao:
  10. Body type- 5'2", athletic, size 24-25, small waist- bigger thighs and big bootied
    Best jeans- Hudson, Blue Cult, and occasionally, Paper Denim Cloth and AG

    Sevens tend to flatten the booty and all but one pair of Paige looked eh on me . . .and the pair that was amazing had a price that matched. I need a tiny bit of stretch in the thigh area, but not too much so that it looks squished.
  11. Body type: I'm 5"5" hourglass (almost round), lot of tummy, wide shoulder, round butt but rather narrow hip. big muscular and calf leg.
    my best jeans cut: Bootcut, Straight Leg
    Best jeans brand: Rock and Republic, J Brand, Guess Premium Denim.
  12. #13 Oct 16, 2008
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2008
    5'6", 29-30 size (or 8 in contemporary sizing, sometimes a 6), small/no hips, big thighs/butt. sigh.
    I love: William Rast (Savoy Reg. Rise), COH (Kelly, Ingrid, Dunaway), Adriano Goldschmied (Angel!), Joes (Starlet, Honey), Calvin Klein (lean bootcut) & Abercrombie + FItch (Emma Boot, Madison Flare -don't hate, they fit me amazingly and that's all that matters!! haha)

    Also - is an amazing website for figuring this out. You can estimate your measurements or give exact ones...and they will reccomend jean styles AND sizes for you based on the measurements of the jeans! Therefore you don't have to wonder if you should size up, down, etc. :smile:
  13. Height: 5' 8.5" (Inseam 34")
    Body type: Slender, proportionate (34-24-34)

    Best jeans:
    Citizens of Humanity -the best fit for me!
    Rock & Republic
    J Brand
    True Religion
    Guess Premium Jeans (they have small sizes AND they're long enough!:tup:)
    Seven jeans
    Sass & Bide
    Frankie B
    -very flattering for skinny gals..sits ultra low AND look booty-ful! :roflmfao:

    I also own James jeans (a bit big for me) and Joe's jeans (a bit short for me)..

  14. Another really good website for this is: It lets you put in all of your measurements and finds the absolute best fit for you. I found that it works a little better than the zafu website.

    They don't have every designer, but do carry some really good ones