body supplement for hair loss?

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  1. hi everyone! I'm suffering with hair loss for quite a while. Tried different vitamins, high-end shampoos, professional shampoos, masks, oils... everything that could find in google search so far... but still loosing lot of hair and afraid that soon will be bold :sad: please help! Maybe someone can recommend good body supplements (like some other vitamins or pills) will appreciate any help. thanks!
  2. I’ve been using black castor oil massaged into my thinning areas.
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  3. Topical Rogaine and oral primrose oil and sow palmetto worked for me, but I would go to dermatologist for advice first.
  4. Viviscal and Nutrafol are good hair supplements but I agree that you should see a dermatologist first to find out what is causing the shedding. If a doc can address the root problem, you’ll get better results than just using supplements alone.
  5. Have you had a complete blood count/workup and hormones checked? I'd start there immediately. Hair loss can be a result of a major issue or something simple like hormones.
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  6. I agree with swanky, get bloodwork done to rule out any underlying health conditions. I’ve used Neocell Collagen Skin Complex and Neocell Glow Matrix for years and my hair, skin, and nails are all very healthy. My hair and nails grow really fast. In addition, I drink half of my body weight in ounces of water per day. I also do regular scalp massages to stimulate blood flow with peppermint and rosemary oil. I never use a comb or brush either, I finger detangle my hair. These are methods that have worked for me to retain length and reduce shedding and breakage.
    One of my friend’s had PRP, which helped with her hair loss AFTER she ruled out underlying health conditions. It was expensive but it worked. She has a head full of thick hair.
    Good luck!!!
  7. just go to the hospital and get a full medical check up, including pretty much everything! but if it's all about genetics... I'm afraid there is nothing that helps you
  8. try complex vitamins with minerals
  9. Not necessarily for hair loss but have you ladies tried Biotin supplement for fine hair and do you find it works?
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    Yes, I think it does! I’ve been taking biotin and various hair supplements for decades. I have long hair that is thick but fine (ie. I have a lot of hair but the diameter of each strand is small, if that makes sense). I figured any additional boost couldn’t hurt. Lol. The best supplement I found as far as getting hair to grow fast and healthy is Viviscal. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it because the fish oil in it thinned my blood too much and I started getting petechiae. I don’t think that’s a typical reaction though.
  11. I used biotin to stop hairloss and it worked. I knew the reason of my hairloss: the side effect of certain meds I had to take, so it was easier to seek a solution.

    To OP: instead of trying to find a cure to your hairloss situation which seems to be quite serious here or anywhere online, you should visit a dermatologist who would examine you and get you tested. It can be caused by many things: infection, other meds, hormonal problems or even emotional trauma so it's better way to detect the real cause to find the best treatment for your hairloss.
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  12. My friend in the medical profession has says the Rogaine for men works very well for hair loss. Her one friend has used it with great results.
    I would get a medical checkup and blood work. Talk to your doctor.
    While their are vitamins and supplements that can help I personally feel diet can also play a bit part. Do you eat healthy? I do green smoothies (green vegetables, some fruit, protein powder and misc. twice a day. I have noticed a big improvement in my skin maybe hair but don’t have hair problems. It grows pretty fast. I drink water versus anything else. Decaf tea. No soda or alcohol. Don’t smoke or do drugs. Lack of sleep and stress can also effect your body,

    Best think is see a doctor, make time for yourself too. Products you put on your hair such as dyes, chemicals , harsh shampoos and even things such as pulling your hair daily with a brush to blow dry or straignhern can damage it.
  13. I lost a lot when used wrong shampoo, so try to change your shampoo, that actually can also be a solution
  14. I'm sorry you're going through this. It can be so devastating. I'm sure that you have read all about thyroid and hair loss in your google searches. All I can recommend is if you are being treated for thyroid issues and still losing hair perhaps get a second opinion.
  15. I'm using a burr oil. just apply it on weekends for the whole day when I'm at home or for night, it helps me a lot, I think you can also give it try. and take some vitamins, it's spring now and usually our body tends to be more vulnerable to weather changes and that also affects our hair as well as nails
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