Body Shop's "Body and leg shine"

  1. I just bought it! It's not so much about bronzing but it leaves the skin smooth and with the perfect amount of glitter. It shines perfectly as the glitter is very subtle.And it's smell is yummy.

    Here's a link:
    you should try it...

    their description
    Our exciting new Body & Leg Shine is a stunning new sheer bronzing gel stick, with gorgeous golden shimmering pearls, that glides over the skin for an amazingly glamorous and healthy-looking sun-kissed glow.
  2. Does this stain clothing?
  3. No!:okay:
    It doesn't actually leave any color.Just a fine sparkle.And it's not permanent.You can wash it away.
  4. hmm... looks interesting... how easy is it to apply?
  5. very easy.It just glides on the skin.It's easy because you don't see any color so no patches like tanning products.
  6. I will try this, looks good.
  7. ^:tup:I recommend it strongly.