Body Shimmer?!?!

  1. I need help looking for a good body shimmer..lotion/spray/gel/ for tan/dark skin...
    any recommendations anyone?
  2. try Bobbi Brown and Mac. Love Nars too..
  3. OMG i just got Urban Decay Mai Tai Body Balm..... not only is the gorgeous golden shimmer amazing looking, but it smells so good I want to eat it. And they say it's "lickable" so I guess I could eat it lol. My skin is pale though, so I'm not sure how the shimmer would work for tan/dark skin, but try it at your local Sephora. Nars is awesome too, also smells great.
  4. I was at Bath & Body Works over the weekend to pick up some hand soap and noticed that they have a body shimmer in a pretty neat dispenser. The shimmer is in the handle and it applies with a soft brush. Tried a little on my hand it shimmered nicely. :smile: