Body Shaping Cream

  1. I'm looking at Clarin's Body Shaping Cream, has anyone tried it? Does it really work? Summer's coming i really wanted to look FIT, my thighs are really fat right now. Please give some suggestions on the creams, thanks :yes:
  2. in my experience, body creams are a waste of money. nothing but eating healthy, drinking lots of water and getting good hard core excercise will tone your body. the best thing these creams can do is give your skin a temporary taughtness to reduce the appearance of cellulite. if you use them in conjunction with everything I mentioned above, they work better. I found that the Neutrogena one with copper works just as well if not better than the clarins and costs a lot less.
  3. thank you. i'm actually at a normal body weight and i do exercise everyday, just that one problem area really troubles me. I used to use Neutrogena, but I thought Clarins should work better since its more expensive (just a thought) i could be wrong lol
  4. ^ have you tried the clarins body cream personally?

    i've found excellent reviews for it that attest to the fact that it actually does work. obviously, not miracles but enough of a difference to be noticed by the naked eye.
  5. no, that's why i'm wondering and yes i heard a lot of good review of this product that's why I wanted to give it a shot.
  6. if you were asking me the answer is YES. I just found that they both work the same. (the Clarins does smell great though and tingles....)
  7. thanks for your feedback bagnshoofetish. Anyone else used this product? need more feedbacks, thanks all ~~ !