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  1. does anyone her like body scrubs and facial scrubs
  2. OF COURSE!!!!!! they're a god-sent for flaky dull skin! they morph easily into gorgeous sparkly radiant skin just after one session!!! of course i like body scrubs..
  3. Any recommendations for scrubs? And pleeeease not that $60 one from Fresh. There has to be a scrub that can do it's job for half that price! I like the rough grainy kind.
  4. Very nice one is by Korres exfoliating body soap
    ive been using it for a year,is promotes blood circulation and improves the appearance of the skin.makes it really smooth plus its not expensive and does a great job:yes:
  5. Sabon's body scrub (exfoliates and has oils) It really makes the skin so soft and the scent is incredible....I'm so addicted :heart:
  6. I have tried many, from the uber expensive ones, DH tends to gravitate toward for gist, and the super cheep caress....believe it or not I like caress, epesially the orchid vanilla one and the pomegrant one :smile:
  7. I like the Aromatherapy sugar scrubs from Bath & Body Works. Not expensive at all and the scents are wonderful.
  8. I'm a big fan of Benefit's Honey Snap Out of It Facial should give it a try. Its got sweet almond scent. For body scrubs...I'm currently using Kielh's Liquid Body scrub. Before Kielh's, I was using Philosophy's Gingerbread Man.

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