Body rash - help identifying?

  1. I searched and know people have asked questions before but I thought maybe someone could identify what caused some rashes on my body if I described them.

    I first noticed it on the back of my upper left arm and thought it was just blemishes or ingrown hairs. It seems to have spread down to my elbow area and I noticed a patch on my leg.

    The 'rash' is raised bumps which resemble blemishes. They itch sometimes and get more red if I touch the skin around them.

    I'm including pics but the camera didn't pick up the details very well.

    The first picture is of my arm and leg side by side and the second is just of my leg.:confused1:
    rash.JPG rash2.JPG
  2. Looks like eczema, maybe? I have a patch on my hip, it gets worse when it's humid or hot or I work out and sweat gets trapped. Is there a drier area near it with a "travelling" rash? Try hydrocortisone (the miracle cream for EVERYTHING) for 3 days, 3 times a day and it will likely clear up...
  3. Maybe your skin is irritated in that particular area from something?

    I get irritations like that. The doctor usually tells me to use hydrocortizone cream. (It's really strong, so only use a little bit and keep it away from your face.)

    If you're really worried, check with a doctor.
  4. I once broke out in one day if various parts of my body, and when I went to the doctor, she told me to try and switch my laundry detergent. Funny thing! It went away. I was using Tide, and I think it was just too strong for me. Mabe it is a new perfume you are wearing?
  5. Yeah, kinda looks like an allergic reaction to something. Have you eaten or bought something you've never tried before?
  6. Could it be poison ivy or something similar?
  7. Well, I haven't been outside much lately so I kinda doubt it is wilderness or sun related (I'm actually in casts now so I've been mostly indoors).

    It's sort of wierd, I woke up this morning with 3 circular faint, red spots on the back of my shoulder.

    I don't know what is going on. Guess I'll have to see if it goes away.
  8. it might be eczema. i get it on my arms and legs sometimes when it gets hot outside, i have since i was little. if you itch it, it will just spread, so try your very hardest not to. a hydrocortisone cream will help the itch go away and heal the rash over the course of several days.
  9. Looks like poison ivy or allergy related dermatitis...try switching to a non-scented laundry detergent. Might want to go to the doc, though.
  10. Now we come to find out that it might be bed bug bites. My mom's apartment manager contacted us and told us that the resident who lives directly upstairs has a bed bug problem.:throwup:

    So now my mom has to have her apartment fumugated because it is so close to his and they could have migrated here. We have yet to closely examine the couch and mattress.
  11. Yep, that what it is. We saw some in the apartment. Now I have the heebie jeebies. :sick:
  12. Yikes!!

    Fumigate the heck out of that place!
  13. eek, sorry.