Body pillow while pregnant?

  1. I'm about 21 weeks now, and am starting to have some hip pain, just in my left hip. I actually had almost the same thing back before I was pregnant and was going to physical therapy for a few visits. Then, though, I thought I'd strained it gardening a lot, but now I really haven't done anything that could cause it. I'm contemplating getting one of those pregnancy body pillow things to see if that helps, since I like to fling my left leg way over while I sleep, which I think could be aggravating it. I have a hard time sleeping with a pillow between my legs

    I was wondering if anyone had used one of these and if it helped? Also, does it make you too hot? Any recommendations for particular brands/pillows? Thanks!
  2. I just got a generic one. I didn't last until 21 weeks without it though!! I'm pretty much in constant hip/tailbone pain from my hips opening. When I stand too much or sit a certain way or on a surface that's too hard it gets aggravated. I've actually taken to sleeping on my stomach with mine. I kind of throw one leg up over the pillow and bend my knee so it looks like I'm makeing a '4' with my legs. So much more comfortable for me! I've heard of people swearing by the snoogle, but I couldn't justify the money.
  3. kimberf, sorry i'm no real help with reccommendations for body pillows but I'm just over 21 weeks pregnant now and my left hip has started hurting as well. But i just thought i had done something to it at the gym or something even though i don't really do anything that's high impact. I have also started experiencing some back pain but its mainly in the morning when immediately after i wake up and it goes away pretty quickly.

    Sanguar, i've just learned something new from reading your post :tup: I hadn't even thought about the possibility of my hip pain being due to my hips widening. I'll have to remember to ask my doctor next time i go in for a check up if there are any stretch exercises i can do to aleviate it or something.
  4. Hi, I used the body pillow with two pregnancies and it really helped to eliviate my back pain. I bought mine at Babies R Us.
  5. I just got one at the Toys R us. I find it a little awkward but I could tell I got a better supported sleep last night. I didn't wake up all stiff
  6. I just used a generic body pillow as well and it saved me, couldn't have lived without it, really makes a difference. Baby is 10 weeks now and I still use it.
  7. I have the Boppy from Toys R Us. At the very beginning I loved it. Now at 22 weeks, I'm needing a change! I just found this one the other day and am going to order it because it really seems more on the lines of what I need. Maybe something like this would help you?... Body Pillow - Comfort U Total Support Body Pillow & Pillowcase
  8. I always sleep with a body pillow anyway, but that thing saved me when I was pregnant- I already have a lot of back pain (hence the body pillow) but everything hurt when I was pregnant, and I used two of them, one on either side, to support my belly and my back. My husband wasn't thrilled, as it took up a lot of the bed, but then, he wasn't the one who was pregnant. I just got generic ones, because they get unfluffy so fast and I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I'm contemplating buying a tempurpedic and/or down body pillow now, for one that lasts longer.
  9. Thanks ladies, sounds like I should go for it and get one. I'll take a look around and report back on what I pick. I was thinking of a down one, but I'm afraid it will make me roast.

    I sure hope it's not my hips opening. I have crazy open hips already, one of those people who can stick my feet behind my head, and have tons of turnout in my hips. I was joking to someone yesterday that if my hips open up more I may be able to turn my feet all the way around backward...
  10. Me too, me too!!! My yoga instructor said "Great, I got a pregnant woman who was already too bendy!". Your hips need to open a bit more for childbirth to get the baby's head through. I think the hormone that's produced to do this is called relaxin and is actually why a lot of pregnant women have so much heartburn (aack, I get it all the time). I get yelled at in class for my turn out and hyper-extension.
  11. i went out and bought 3 or 4 down pillows, because the body pillows i saw were stuffed with polyester (this was 5 years ago).

    every night i arranged all of the pillows...i think i had 6 total around me. i am a stomach sleeper normally, so i had to keep the pillows propped around me so i wouldn't accidentally roll onto my stomach (how would that be possible)

    i can remember it like it was yesterday! now all those pillows are decoration on our bed...we have a big fluffy bed!
  12. I couldnt sleep without my body pillow. I had really bad pelvic pain starting in my 2nd trimester and the body pillow really helped.
  13. My baby is 3 months old and I don't know what I would have done with out my body pillow!! I brought the Snoogle b/c you can make more adjustments with it than the Boppy. You can roll it up and use it like a regular pillow or put it around you (in a u shape) and it will support you back while in the bed watching TV , etc.
  14. Hee hee! Sounds like me exactly. I do Pilates and yoga. I've had to promise two of my Pilates teachers, one a dancer and one who used to run a ballet school, that I will send my children to ballet, since I apparently have perfect point and great turnout (wouldn't know as I never had a dance class in my life). Everyone else, however, gets a little freaked about it. One of my other Pilates teachers used to make me do exercises in parallel while everyone was doing turnout because my turnout was getting "excessive". And now my yoga teacher that I'm working with during pregnancy is like "we aren't going to do any more stretching for you, we're going to try to strengthen you up more."

    I didn't know that the relaxin was part of the heartburn problem (though mine's been a little better this week.) I just thought it was from everything getting squished in there. I looked it up since you mentioned it, and I see that the relaxin & progesterone slow down the emptying of the stomach. Interesting. Thanks for that!

    Still haven't looked for a pillow...maybe this weekend...more fun spending my time on tPF, and my hip's feeling better after exercising a bit more this week.
  15. Me too! Mine was a supersoft one from Target. OMG it was a lifesaver- totally replaced my fiance :smile: