Body Pains...

  1. My mother told me today that she is suffering pain all over in her body, she also said its been happening for awhile, she may not go to work this morning too. any ideas as to what it could be? im in tears thinking of my mother in pain...:crybaby:
  2. Oh my I am so sorry to hear that!! She might be getting the flu. Has she had any cold like syptoms?
  3. Oh my gosh! I know what you mean! My mom suffers from really strong migrane, and it breaks my heart when I see her like that! I even cry! I hope she feels better. Maybe she is getting sick! This time is flu season I think! She should go to the doctor asap!
  4. I see you said it's been happeing for a while. Is is all over joint pain? If so it could be arthritis. My mother has leg and feet pain. My mother-in-law gets an annual hip pain I already know it happens every year in September. But I am so sorry for your mother it's awful to suffer from pain and to know your mother is in pain and there's really nothing you can do but soothe her and comfort her. I hope she gets better soon!
  5. I hope your mother gets well very soon! She should go to the doctor ASAP.
  6. Best wishes to your mother :flowers: hope she feels better soon *hugs*
  7. she should see a dr, many older individuals suffer from cronic untreated pain from joint problems such as arthritis and other problems that cause pain.
  8. I'm so sorry that your mother is feeling so much pain. You said "for awhile"--how long ? If it's been more than a few days and she hasn't come down with the flu, it's something else. I also have had times with unexplained pain and it takes a very patient doctor to figure it out--could be so many things--arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. Please urge her to see a doctor. We hate to see our parents hurt. ((hugs))
  9. Thank You all for your tips. we didnt talk much last night but today we talked and i guess its only been for about a week and i guess she thinks its the flu she got from my grandma. we went shopping today so it shouldnt be too bad. but i wiped out today while getting ready :tounge: hurts like heck on the ol' hip an knee. thank you guys again.
  10. She should go see the Dr, it could be a range of things- including the flu, many people with the flu have body aches. Tell her to rest up and drink plenty of fluids and see a Dr to get everything checked out!! all the best to your mom! :heart:
  11. Thank you megs!
  12. I hope your mom is feeling better already..**hugs**
  13. thanks bags. shes feeling much better now.
  14. Glad your mum is feeling better now I know how bad it feels to worry about a mum! Have her get checked over by doc for peace of mind!
  15. oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. She must be getting sick!