Body lotion that's good for your skin?

  1. I have a drawer full of smelly-good body lotions from Bath & Body works (which I do love but..) I've always bought lotions mostly for the smell & not paid alot of attention to whats REALLY in them. At 33, I've been vigorous with caring for my face but I feel I could do more for the skin on my body. I do body scrubs regularly but then always slap on whatever lotion...

    I'm looking for a new body lotion that is really good for my skin. Something that actually does something besides smell good. Does that make sense? I want to streamline my lotions to just 1 or 2. Something that has AHA's, vitamins or minerals that really do the job. I looked on Sephora & they had some Clinique lotions & a few other promising looking ones but I'm clueless what I should try. Any suggestions? :flowers: Thanks!
  2. Yeah I'd love to hear what the girls have to say about this :smile:
    I use Jergens alot but would like to know if there's something really good out there ^^
  3. I've not used this yet, but I keep seeing the commercials and want to try it.

  4. I heard that Philosophy was created for dermatologists' offices, but then expanded into a worldwide brand.
    I had some light eczema on my neck, so I ended up using the topical cream that was prescribed to me. After it disappeared, I knew that I had to keep that area moisturized or the eczema would return. So I used a small jar of Philosophy's Cinnamon Buns body lotion that I had previously received, and not only was it so thick and kept my neck moisturized (and so far, have kept the eczema at bay), but it also smelled absolutely wonderful. I've gotten used to the smell now, but when I first purchased the kit (with body wash, lotion), I was so tempted to eat it! :biggrin:
  5. Ooh msleex3 that sounds nice!
    and yeah I forgot :P lol but philosophy makes some nice stuff.
    but until now I only liked the hand cream called (handmade) it smells yummy! like a lemon white cream :biggrin: I always have to take a few sniffs of it 1st ^^

    need to check out Cinnamon Buns body lotion now :smile:
  6. Quench by Oil of Olay is supposed to be good for your skin. I use it as my work lotion. It's on my desk for me to use all day.
  7. the ultra best body lotion/cream is Kiehl's Creme de Corps. I use the Cream version in winter and the lighter version in summer. keeps my skin glowy all day and makes it super smooth!
  8. I like Kiehls! They smell yummy and I think are made well--I'm no expert! I've tried other stuff (Origins Ginger souffle springs to mind).[SIZE=-1] L'Occitane is good--I've used that on and off for years! Made with Shea Butter. My DH uses some of their Olive oil stuff (and whatever I pick up for him at Kiehls. Experiment and see what you find! Kiehls, Origins, and L'Occitane all make small "sample" size products you can try. If you're hunting around, perhaps you can look at a few places and pick up some small sizes! Sephora usually gives samples if you ask...but, you might want to look around for "travel" sizes to use (they'll last you longer than ONE use!). I'd recommend using it for a week and seeing how you like it.

    Good luck! Have fun!
  9. baby Johnson :shame:
  10. I would recommend L'occitane
    Shea Butter, Almond or Honey line
    They are my all time favorite!
  11. I think it is going to depend on what specific concern you would like to target. Do you want to brighten your skin.. get something with AHA acid. Do you want to clear up small and bumps and congested pores? Get some thing with beta hydroxy acid ie - salicylic acid. 100% shea butter is great if you have super dry spots. If you just want a good moisturizer I highly recommend cetaphil cream. Its what most dermatologist will recommend. With most expensive creams you are just paying for the name. I would rather spend my dollars on purses and clothes. Cetaphil cream is great and its also super cheap.
  12. it's still one of my mon's favourite~
  13. I love Korres. It is a company from Greece that makes all natural lotions, body washes, creams, etc. You can find it at Sephora.
  14. I tried to Philosophy three in one shampoo , conditioner etc. and i felt it was very drying and I never used philosophy products again! I want to brighten my skin my skin maybe I will take your advice crjhht!
  15. Does anyone know any good products with AHA Acid?