body lotion for sensitive skin?

  1. My mother has sensitive skin and she is trying to find some that satisfies her dryness and doesn't irritate her skin. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  2. EUCERIN..Im allergic to everything..This is what my dermatologist recommended...I use it all the time!
  3. Moistural
  4. maybe cetaphil? i know it's supposed to be great for sensitive skin and very gentle
  5. lush dream cream... the smell's a bit herbally, but it i know that helps people w/ eczema and sensitive skin.
  6. Thank you ladies. I suggested Eucerin two days ago because that is what my daughter was told to use when she had some bad skin problems. If that doesn't wor, I will give her the other suggestions. Have a blessed holiday.
  7. I have very sensitive skin as well, and one lotion that worked for me was just your basic $2.99 bottle of organic lotion from Whole Foods...if you have that store in your area.

    No colors/scents, so it didn't irritate my skin at all.

    I also broke out in a terrible chapped rash on my legs a week or so ago from the cold snap we had. I have been using Kiehl's Creme De Corps. I know a lot of people think it's too expensive and overrated, but let me tell you, my skin was 75% better within hours of the first use. So, I actually am a fan. FYI - it must be pretty popular. I went to get more at Saks today, and they were completely sold out!!
  8. ^^I love that Kiehl's lotion. I will tell her about the Whole Foods brand. :smile:
  9. vaseline intensive rescue moisture lock lotion
  10. Vaseline Intensive Care Fragrance Free lotion (I think it's in the white bottle with blue cap)
  11. Cetaphil, Eucerin, or Aquaphor... all easily found in drugstores.
  12. Seconding this. It's the only one that works for my skin. :yes:
  13. I will let her know. Will see her tomorrow. thanks PFers!
  14. Another vote for Eucerin!
  15. Eucerin or Aveeno