Body Language

  1. Ok, so I've been into a guy that's 5 years older than me since I was 11. Now he's 22 and I'm 17 and my being "into him" has blossomed into full on God I Love You. You know? And we only see each other once a week. At church. His father is our paster. (He has been twice before, so basically I've known Isaac all of my life. I can't remember a time when his family wasn't a part of my life.) Anyway...we are in the same Sunday School class and after church we talk. Now....the only way I can read him is his body language....I'm not good at I'm gonna ask ya'll.

    ok. For starters whenever we talk....he looks me dead in the eye. Which is good, I know.

    Uh....we sit next to each other in our Sunday School class and he sits with his legs crossed, you know, one ankle on one knee. All guys do it. Anyway, his foot is usually pointed towards me and for the last 2 Sundays he completely turns his body toward me.

    The other Sunday I was talking to him after church was over (him and his mom sit in front of me and my mom, so I know the back of his head REALLY well) and he had his left foot propped up on the pew and was leaning over on it, and we were listening to our mom's talk and I ask him a question....(I love this) he didn't SAY anything....he just slowly turned his head a nodded....we had this long moment of eye contact and, you know that scene in West Side Story, when Tony and Maria see each other at the dance for the first time and everyone else fades out....that was this moment.

    He's never really anxious to get away from me. There's this group that were a part of and occasionally a few of us will stand around after church talking and it seems like him and me are always next to each other. We seem to end up shoulder to shoulder a lot when we leave church too.

    You know that scene in last weeks Grey's Anatomy with Meredith and McDreamy in the elevator when he's standing behind and him are that way...a lot.

    I don't know. You think after being around him for 17 years I'd know a thing or two about him. I know plenty ABOUT him, but I just don't know whether he likes me or not. I've got people that are telling me he does, and I believe them......but I need more opinions.....cause I'm not 100 percent sure.


  2. :roflmfao:...I'm sorry MissyBaby, this story is too cute!...reminds me of a crush I had when I was young (18 yrs ago), he's now my hubby! It really sounds like he likes you, I'm guessing he doesn't have a gf? I would just go for it but, start out slow, ask him if he would like to go to a movie with you or grab something to eat...keep it very friendly/casual. That's the only way you will know if he's interested or not and then take it from there.
  3. It sounds like he is quite fond of you. I've just been reading up on body language a lot lately to understand male behaviour being newly single after a 12 yr marriage so I can understand your confusion. Pointing his foot towards you is a sign of attraction as is prolonged eye contact. Try to see if his eyes dilate when he looks at you, that's a sure signal. The books I just got are called Body Language Secrets by Don Steele and How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You by Leil Lowndes. I also got an e-book called Catch Him and Keep Him by Christian Carter. I hope that helps.:love:
  4. This one is easy: Just ask him....
  5. What a cute romantic you are! Sounds like he's into you. But if you really want to know for sure, just ask him.
  6. aw how cute. :heart:
    Just go for it!
  7. It's such a cute story. I miss those feelings and anticipations. Just to be safe, may be you wait for another year and then ask him out. (so u'll be 18)