Body for Life

  1. I am starting the Body for Life programme on monday. I have done it before and have never been as fit and slim as I was on that programme.
    I've been eating badly since Christmas and I feel :yucky: so enough is enough.

    If you don't already know in the Body for Life (BFL) you eat 6 meals per day (every 2-3 hours) and work out 6 days a week. 1 day per week is your day off no exercise and eat whatever you want.
    Each meal consists of 1 portion of carbs and 1 portion of protein a portion is determined by your hand size i.e how much you can fit in your hand or the size of a clenched fist.

    The exercise is 3 cardio sessions lasting 20 minutes and 3 weights lasting 45 minutes and the cycle like this:-
    week 1
    day 1 cardio
    day 2 weights legs
    day 3 cardio
    day 4 weights upper body
    day 5 cardio
    day 6 weights legs

    week 2
    day 1 cardio
    day 2 weights upper body
    day 3 cardio
    day 4 weights legs
    day 5 cardio
    day 6 weights upperbody

    and round and round it goes the programme is for 12 weeks, there is more to it than this but if you intersted PM meand I'll explain more, there is also a book and a website.

    Anyone interested in doing it to? lets use this thread as a training diary
  2. Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress.
  3. That sounds like a really solid plan!! Keep us posted!
  4. So I started Body for life here is a little summary of how things are going

    Day 1
    These are my meals for the day, average time between meals was approx 3 hours
    meal 1 Protein shake & a little bit of malt loaf
    meal 2 Apple and 2 small snack cheeses
    meal 3 Pork & rice
    meal 4 Protein shake
    meal 5 Baked Sweet potato & cottage cheese with chives

    Just joined a new gym and couldn't use it at the time so missed the 1st day exercise a bit disappointed but it's only 1 day so I can make it up.

    Day 2
    meal 1 Corn tortilla wrap with ham & montery jack cheese
    meal 2 Protein shake & 5 dried apple rings
    meal 3 Cous Cous & pork
    meal 4 apple & 2 small snack cheeses
    meal 5 Oat cakes and cottage cheese

    Went to gym today and did an upper body resistance session I am so going to hurt tomorrow. It was a great workout & I feel good for it.
    I need to take my *before* pics so I can compare later may also take measurements of key areas, you can't use weight because it's not an accurate measure as you are gaining muscle as well as losing fat.

    Had a faint headache for the 2 days but I think it's my body having a little detox. Must try to drink more water
  5. A friend I work with is six weeks in and has lost 13 pounds. Her only complaint is she has to eat all the time. Her motto is if you don't plan (your meals, workouts) you plan to fail! I'm tempted to buy the book.
  6. I am into my second challenge which started this past Monday.

    I simply love this program because it keeps you focused on progress and improvement yet only takes about 4 hours of working out (that's both weights and cardio). You do NOT stay in the gym for hours on end.

    And the eating makes me feel great and gives me energy. I do not do 6 meals a day, that seems too much for a woman, 5 works fine.

    After the first 12 weeks I lost 15lbs of fat and gained 3 lbs. of muscle and love how my shoulders and arms are now muscular. I still have alot of fat to lose, maybe another 60 lbs and will do 4 challenges back to back.

    Good luck to you and I will check this thread now and then.
  7. It's very regimented, but I love the exercise portion. You have to build lean muscle mass by doing lots of strength training which I have learned to love. Good luck!!!

  8. the first time I did BFL I went down 3 sizes in trousers I can't remember what it worked out in pounds.

    please feel free to add your progess/exercise/meal ideas to this thread we can all support each other.
  9. Day 3
    Cardio!! oh my god I think I might die, I am so unfit I'm embarassed! The 20 minute cardio session was hard and my legs felt weak for a couple of hours after (please don't laugh). I don't hurt too badly after upper body weights yesterday but I am AWARE of my mucsles.

    Food went along the same lines as the last 2 days, yes I bulk bought and now have lots of the same things in the house.

    Day 4
    Legs today, yuck I hate legs. Upper body a little stiffer today but still not too painful. I did my work out in the AM but my bum is really starting to ache now (many hours later), had a really busy day to today so feel quite tired now I will sleep like a baby tonight.
    My headache has gone, :yahoo:

    I had a lovely salad today sweet chilli chicken, butternut squash & pumpkin seeds, still not getting enough water but I'm trying.

    I'm not craving anything yet which is good I remember the last time I did this a few years ago I way counting the days to the REST day but I'm really enjoying it this time around.
  10. I heard excellent things about Body for life
  11. Day 5
    2nd time for cardio, another good workout I do really I could work a little harder cardiovascular wise but my legs strongly disagree :lol: as I predicted my butt REALLY aches today I think it's becuase I did the cross trainer 2 days ago and legs work yesterday.

    My sisters birthday today so I cheated and had a little piece of birthday cake but other than that the food side is going well.

    Day 6
    I'm really enjoying this it's been a while since doing any real exercise so it feels really good. My trousers feel a tiny bit looser today it's properly wishful thinking but I do feel better in myself.
  12. Just a quick update
    Had my day off where I could eat anything I wanted but I'd didn't really want anything I bought a little bar of chocolate because I had a tiny sweet tooth but I lost it somewhere on the way from the shop to the house (which is seriously about 30 steps away) must have been my subconcious taking over!!

    Week 2 strated with no problems as of today I have been on the BFL 10 days I am totally enjoying it I feel much better in my self I have more energy, I'm getting stronger and I have lost 4lbs so far
  13. This plan sounds great. Congrats on your progress! Isn't this the plan Heidi Klum promotes?
  14. week 3
    I've been pretty sick this week I missed 2 sessions and felt really bad a bit I I tried to sick to meals but didn't haven't been hungry so missed a couple there too although I stuck to good things not just anything. Feeling better now so hoping to get back on track, I'm disappointed to have stumbeled this week
  15. I just started week 1 and I LOVE this program! My energy has noticably increased and the workouts are nice and short and I really feel the burn! My main objective is to lose 10% of my body weight w/in the 12-week program and lessen my intake of empty calories. This program is a great match for those goals b/c so far I haven't felt deprived of food b/c I am eating ALL the time. I actually only do 5 meals a day, as opposed to the 6 (I skip the night time snack).

    I'll periodically post my progress. I would love some company along the way :tup: So if anyone wants a 12 week challenge, we can support each other!!