BODY FAT %! Do you know?

  1. So... my summer workout binge is slowly coming to an end as I have to leave soon to go back to college.. (and leave behind my trainer :crybaby:, who I adoreeeeee!). In honor of that, I got measured again and had my body fat % taken.. and while I'm happy with my results, ironically, I feel more FAT now than I did before.. since now I'm AWARE of my health and fitness and all of that junk.

    Here are my stats:
    I'm 5'1". Weighed 135 when I first started working out. Had 35% body fat (:wtf::yucky::throwup:). Now I weigh 122-123 (WHOOHOO!! :yahoo:). Have 28% body fat.

    Any other ladies know their body fat %? lol, I swear I don't look fat! I have a really small frame and am tiny (as you can tell from my height).. I was freaking shocked when I found out all my stats! All my life I've never worn anything larger than a 4 or 27-28 in jeans. And then my trainer tells me that 35% bodyfat is considered OBESE!!! :wtf: Major shockage, right there.

    So yes. If you don't know your body fat %, go get it measured! NOW! You might be tiny and still be fat. FAT. Dear lord- I know from now on, I will always remember the lessons I learned this summer. It's healthy eating and exercise (even if its just 10 minutes a day) for me FOR LIFE!!! (even though I will always hate it.. :Push:smile:
  2. I have no idea! Do you have to get it done with a caliper to be precise?
    I just guessed my measurements on an online calculator and ended up with 30%!! eek!
  3. Yes, I know my body fat % and I feel sick everytime that I think about it.
  4. My scale tells me
  5. but it is important to not get too low on the body fat %!
    once, I had not gotten my period for a very long time and I got worried something was off (I knew I couldn't be pregnant) .
    so I went to check it out. I expected the worse, that my uterus was broken or something like that...
    but it turned out my body fat % was too low! it was about 18% and to get your period normally, it must be around 20-22% (if you are like me 5'6" (168cm))
    a woman's body fat % should never go below 20%!

    when I mesured my body fat % I went to the hospital an had to lay almost-naked in this machine that went up and down over my body (kind of like an x-ray machine) it also mesured the density of my bones
    (which was great btw :smile: )
  6. No way! I just had my body fat measure couple of hours ago on my Tanita scale and it read 18.5%. I just had my period last week :huh:

    EDIT: okay, I'm 5'4" ...
  7. Consequentially my BMI is at 17.7 So what the heck is the difference? anybody?
  8. I think BMI is how much you weigh in relation to your height.
    Skinny people (i.e. people with a low BMI) with a high body fat percentage have less muscle and more fat on them I suppose:shrugs:
  9. ^ I think that's me, one of those skinny fat people. I'm trying to build up some muscle, in the next two weeks I'll have a gym to go to, so that'll help. You guys should see my hilarious workout routine at home...oh yeah. *nods
  10. Hmm I have no clue how to do this online I found out my BMI is 20 %,and in some website where it tells you your estimated body fat I got a 7.7 %. It told me I have 10 lbs of fat on me. I am 5'8 also. So what do these numbers mean? much appreciated!:flowers:
  11. I once had a body fat of 12% but that was when I was working out like crazy and eating tiny, tiny portions. Not healthy I know, but now I'm thinking it's around low twenties. Haven't check recently and honestly don't want to know (HA!).
  12. you can't mesure your body fat online or on a scale. you have to use mesurements for your whole body. on a scale it's only an average %. think about athleates, they don't have ANY fat on them but their BMI is whay up there. it's because muscle tone is much heavier.

    correction to my previous post : if you are eating enough fat (30 % of your food consumption I think) you could be low in % and still healthy. I was not eating enough fat.
  13. While back I bought this tiny gadget to measure body freaked me out when I saw I am under overweight ..yikesI am pretty small and ..I haven't done it again..I guess I have to look for it now..
  14. Yeah, you have to use measurements that you take on certain parts of your body, and you can also go to a gym and have it tested to find out what it is. When I had mine tested last May, it was 20 percent. I've gained 5 pounds since then, so I'm not sure how much that affects the percentage points :wlae:
  15. Yup, like the other ladies said: you have to get it measured in person. It's not some number that the computer can tell you- the problem with those estimates online is that they don't take into consideration muscle mass, bone density, etc. etc. If you can, drop by any gym and ask for a free fitness assessment. They'll take your measurements, body fat %, and then talk to you about whatever it is that youre concerned about. My trainer did all of this for me.

    Oh and gaining muscle is sooooooooooooooooo much harder than gaining fat. Most women tend to not have that much muscle mass. Like someone said, a lot of skinny women are actually skinny fat- slim but high body fat %. Even people who work out and do cardio religiously can have this because cardio can burn both fat & muscle. My trainer has a client who is a marathon runner and he has 26% body fat- which is not acceptable for a male, apparently.

    I personally would looooove to be 20% body fat (like you Cristina! I. Am. So. Jealous!) Lower than that, I think I would look sickly. I don't really like being able to see bones or whatnot, and even at 28% I look pretty okay. Hard part now is just losing that 8%!