Body dumped on freeway and run over for hours!!

  1. I live in the Bay Area, CA and I heard everyone was late for work and school because, from what police are speculating, a body was dumped last night and this morning commuters kept running it over thinking it was an animal, until someone ran it over and saw it was a body. That driver pulled over and called 911. When it broadcasted for everyone to hear, a person called in to say as they were driving last night, they saw someone dump something that looked like blankets onto the freeway. Traffic is backed up for about 25 miles at 7:30 am today.. (Thank goodness I didn't go in that direction. I was going opposite!) My prayers go out to that family, and I hope justice is brought!!
  2. OMG. My commute is very short, and I live up in Marin. Where did this happen? That is sickening...
  3. Oh my goodness!!!!
  4. Wow, unreal...
  5. That's just awful... :s
  6. OMG that just gave me chills. I can't imagine...
  7. it was dumped under the over pass of A Street in Hayward, CA. At 7:30 it was backed up to the Oakland Collosium!
  8. I read about this. I was born in Hayward so I know that area really well. Even when there isn't a body on the road that stretch of highway is a parking lot in the mornings. What a nightmare!
  9. That is so sad, and shocking.
  10. I am sure there is an Alameda County coroner out there who IS NOT having a great day today. :s
  11. I feel so sad hearing this, I mean this is a human body that is out there in the highway. He/she has a family out there who might be looking for him/her.
  12. Oh my gosh! How sad :sad:. It's a crazy world we live in.
  13. I can never understand why Alameda County Coroner is so slow to arrive at crime scenes. They're slow all the time, not just sometimes.:confused1:
  14. I heard about this on the news this morning. It is awful. I hope they find out who did this soon!
  15. "Commuters kept running over it because they thought it was an animal"?!?!:tdown::yucky::throwup:

    That is so disturbing...I couldn't just run something over regardless if it was a person or sad.

    I, too, hope that they find whoever did this. I feel so bad for the victim and his/her family. :sad: