Body by Vi-Shape by Visalus Sciences?

  1. Has anyone tried the Body by Vi-Shape by Visalus Sciences? I keep seeing this car on the way home that is covered with an ad for it and I finally figured out that it's a weight loss program or something of the sort.

    Wondering if this will help with the last few pounds... The scale seems to be stuck lately (hasn't moved in many months).
  2. A co-worker became a Visalus rep and I tried their shakes. They're okay, not gritty and pretty tasty. Lots of different flavour combinations

    Hard to say if they would help with your last few lbs. Have you increased your weight training? That usually hepls get the last few lbs off. My co-worker who became the Visalus rep did lose a few lbs when she started having their shakes twice a day. She was able to wear clothes that she had not fit in for a few years.

    Not sure where in Canada you are. I'm in Alberta and could put you in touch with her if you like.
  3. They were just at the Home Show here, talk about pushy/infomercial type sales. It seems like the latest MLM.
  4. Good to know. I'll stick to my own and just increase my exercise.
  5. Yeah, it definitely is MLM. My co-worker got her BMW really quickly though so she's doing quite well with it.
  6. Hi there,

    the body by vi shape by visalus sciences is really helpful. Some says it tastes like a “Cake Mix” which is one of the most optimized nutrition supplements available with its unique mix of ingredients. Packed with 23 vitamins and minerals, along with special proteins for long lasting hunger control. I came up with a thinking that if a lot of consumers of that nutritious shake found that it was really effective, then it is really helpful. In addition, I have heard much testimonials, which are positive, with regards to this product.
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    Just going to bump this thread and tell you about my experience.

    I was really hesitant in trying it at first. My friend, who is the most followed Fitness/Health expert in Western Canada, multi chain Fitness equipment retail owner, and a Crossfit competitor/champion started the business about 11 Months ago. Prior to him starting the business side, he had about 30,000 followers on twitter and was on our local news channel. You could totally google him. I initially asked him about workout routines. I grew up in an extremely athletic family. My brother was a AAA hockey player and played in Europe for a year. I played hockey and worked out at least 6 times a week. After high school and hockey, I stopped all physical activity. Some of you who post in the family and relationship threads know that I've lost all my grandparents literally year after year, 4 years in a row. Needless to say, when I'm stressed I'm the kind of person who doesn't eat. So for 4 years, I was pretty depressed and lost a lot of weight.

    This year, I decided I wanted to get out of my funk. I bought my first condo, paid off my debt, and had NOTHING to "work" for. So I thought, since I've neglected myself for a long time, why don't I work on myself? I started the challenge and I really liked my team. I know there are A LOT of other teams out there, but the one I am in (around 900 people from Canada and US) we pull together to support each other in our goals and I've met a lot of great friends doing local workout sessions. After my first challenge, I got my mom on a kit. At that time, none of us was doing it as a business and just wanted it for the products and she went from a size 10/12 to a size 6. I would be happy to email any photo's, but I won't be posting my moms photo's on here =) haha.

    Anyway, yes it is MLM but it is definitely NO pyramid. First, pyramid schemes are illegal in Canada and second I'm certain the person who introduced me to the challenge is making more than the person who introduced him to it. You can earn an extra income by promoting the challenge. You can also get your products for free if you refer 3 other people... I did that and got my kit for free. But don't let that make you decide whether you want to be on the challenge. You could totally be on the challenge without doing the business. It is the #1 health/fitness challenge in N America... and as of recently, the company has partnered with the co creator of The Biggest Loser to create a series around the challenge.

    Like I said, very skeptical in the beginning... but after you learn about the company and who's (partners and founders and their achievements) behind it and who the scientists are that created the products, you will see they are a legitimate company. And I can only speak for myself and the people that have done the challenge with me, that they've see the results and I can email photo's.
  8. I see a bunch of people advertise it on facebook. (super annoying with the 90 day challenge) anyway a friend of mine offered me a free shake so I tried it.. It's okay, I've never been into shakes I need real food. Also its kind of expensive for a month supply its about $90. They try to get you with the whole ref 3 people and get our product for free and if you get more they pay you. Just not for me.
  9. I didn't get it but a friend of mine is thinking of trying it. She said she wanted to lose a few pounds and has been working out to the Jillian workout DVDs. I think she should stick to Jillian and over time she'll be happier with the results. (plus it's probably easier to maintain than when you stop the shakes...)
  10. I think that weight-loss programs that are based on the consumption of liquid "meals" have high failure rates. I especially don't care for this particular program because they get people selling it, which can be incredibly annoying to those of us who've had to hear the sales pitch...
  11. I agree with this, plus the ingredients are not what you want to put in your body for whole body health.
  12. wish she would realize that it's not healthy... she's purchased the shakes... oh well, hope it works for her.
  13. One of my co-workers became a rep and I went to one of her "parties". I tried some of the shake flavors and the taste wasn't bad, however I'm just not a liquid meal sort of person. I'd very much rather eat my calories :smile: I do have a friend who had gastric bypass and her doctor recommended their shakes for the month before surgery and the couple weeks after surgery when she could only eat liquids.