Body brushing - does anyone do this?

  1. Has anybody heard of/done body brushing? It supposedly helps to maintain healthy skin (all over the body), helps to keep the skin firm and helps to detox the body or skin. I've also read that it can prevent or treat cellulite.

    Here are some articles I found online: Body brushing - the lazy girl's detox

    Skin Brushing

    Aromatherapy (scroll down)

    I was on a cruise in December, and I learned about the benefits of body brushing while doing a spa treatment on board. I was told that Elemis Spa (from London) operates all of the spas on all cruise lines, so of course they were promoting some Elemis products along with the idea of maintaining healthy skin (all over the body) by body brushing.

    I ended up buying an Elemis body brush along with some skincare products to detox my body/skin, and I've done an okay job keeping it up since I returned home. I have noticed that it used to really hurt when I brushed, but lately it hasn't been hurting at all and actually, I can feel my skin immediately warm up after I brush - it's a nice feeling and makes me feel more "awake".

    Just thought I'd see if another PF'er has had any experience with this!
  2. It didnt work for me. I try it at burke williams spa
  3. I did not try the body brush but I used some of the detox vitamins that Elemis sells. I also did some treatments on a cruise in December and discovered these products. I felt much more energetic and healthly after a month on the detox vitamins.
  4. ^ Grace, DH and I are also just starting on month 2 of our 3 month detox program w/ Elemis herbs. I'm trying to pay more attention to the way I feel so that I can see if there is a difference... I'm usually not aware enough of my own being to notice a change.

    May I ask what cruise you were on in December? We were on Freedom of the Seas, Royal Carribean - I love that ship!
  5. MangoWife -

    I was intrigued by your post 3 weeks ago so I started gently using my exfoliation glove all over 3-4 times a week.

    My dry skin is so much smoother! Even smoother than when I was using moisturizer but not exfoliating. Now I don't use a moisturizer afterward except on feet and elbows.

    Thanks for starting the thread and posting those helpful links! :yes:
  6. I used to but not anymore.. I thought it had to do with circulation..
  7. Aw, thanks! I'm glad you started trying it out (w/ the gloves), and that you see a positive difference! :yahoo: I love this forum for the kind of info I learn, and I'm glad I was able to give back to others!
  8. I think it does have to do with circulation, but exfoliating your skin will definitely lead to softness! It's a nice side effect! :yes:
  9. I have been doing my own version of body brushing for a few months. Every day in the shower I use a regular long-handled bath scrub brush and Skinceuticals Body Scrub. I didn't realize it had an effect on cellulite and circulation too. (Those are nice extra benefits.:smile:) I was doing it to exfoliate. Its had the nicest effect on my legs...they are much smoother. And my elbows stay softer too. I always follow up with moisturizer and I think the body scrubbing helps the pores absorb the product really well.
  10. Heard about it, never tried.
  11. Oh, interesting! Most sites I've read, and what the Elemis SA told me when I bought their body brush, is that I should brush dry. Meaning, I brush w/ a dry brush, and before jumping into the shower. I'm not sure if this is to keep the brush cleaner or because of some other reason. But either way, it's so cool that you've been noticing a difference! :wlae:

    And I love Skinceuticals, I use their hydrating gel for my face. For a face/body scrub, I use Peter Thomas Roth - such fine grains, and a little goes a long way!
  12. Mango, sorry it took me so long to get back on this thread!!! I didn't like the second month of pills. I went back to the first month again. The second month made me feel bloated and blah!

    We were on Carnival Sensation. It went to Mexico, Cozumel and Costa Maya. It was fun!
  13. Oh, how do you like the second month of pills?
  14. ^ I've been soooo bad! In fact, when I looked at my prev post mentioning starting the 2nd month, I cringed. It's been almost a month since I posted that, but I keep on forgetting to take the pills, so I still have almost a whole bottle left! Maybe I subconsciously didn't like the way they made me feel, which is what made me "forget" to take them? LOL!

    Okay, I will remember to take them today. :smile: And I will make an effort to see if I feel any different. I'm bad at self-realizations. Ha!

    Your cruise sounds fun! I hear that Costa Maya is an up-and-coming port, meaning that it's really going to be a popular one, if it isn't already! DH and I were on our 2nd anniversary cruise to the Western Caribbean, and we were on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas - it was so fun!
  15. Sounds interesting!! I read an article in a fashion/beauty mag awhile back that was about this!